Everyone wants to get out and travel, but building up the necessary requirements is usually a major deterrent. Apart from a whole lot of moxy, you’d think you need a whole lot of money too. That’s where the guys at Move come in. A couple of young nomads, as they refer to themselves, these enterprising dudes decided to rid themselves of the one thing holding them back – money.

Anuj Khurana and his friends Ishant and Aakash decided to travel around India without spending any money, really getting a feel of the country in the process. 

It started with them heading off from Gurgaon to Jaipur with just Rs.100 in their pockets. When their fuel ran out, they parked their bikes on the highway and started hitch-hiking. One of the main foundations of this crazy idea was that they would refrain from spending any money, which meant they had to do some pretty strange things to get fed.

These boys slept on the roads, crashed weddings for food, hitched on numerous trucks and even had to go with one meal a day on occasion. That’s some major dedication!

Bunking on trucks, these boys started their journey officially from Mumbai, and enjoyed some straight up Desi daaroo on the way, courtesy the drivers. In Mumbai, they interacted with a whole lot of people, telling their story to anyone willing and interested, and getting food, and sometimes even a place to crash, in return. According to Anuj, it really gave them an opportunity to talk, interact and touch the lives of people around the country. Soon, it was time to move on, and they travelled to Pune, before deciding to hit the beach!

Hitching it to Goa, they had another great adventure. They slept in tents, met fellow travellers, lived in an ashram, busked on the beach and cooked their own food.

Their next stop was the biggest surprise of them all though, and in the best way possible. After a lengthy and pretty hard journey to Bangalore, they put up their story on social media, asking if anybody wanted to meet up, and maybe get them a warm meal.

Amazingly, in the 25 days they spent in Bangalore, they received 300 invitations to meet, eat and sometimes even stay with different people. They were even called to give a seminar in a school there!

After this, they endured a gruelling 5 night 1900 km hitch-hiking journey from Bangalore to Ahmedabad for the Garba festival. The travel was arduous, but some local liquor and khaini courtesy their truck driver definitely eased things out. Following this, they hit up Nainital, Move’s birthplace, and Lucknow, both with their own sets of adventures, and in the case of Lucknow, great food! Last heard, they were planning something just as exciting and offbeat for this year, after taking some well-deserved time-off with their families.

The reason to do this whole thing was as simple as it gets though. They had no motive, no plan, and no goal – they just wanted to travel. Well travel they did, and they plan to keep on going! Inspiring doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Pictures from Move.