Kya aap cancelled cab rides se pareshaan hain? Do you want Uber/Ola drivers to not bail on you every time after asking for your location? You aren’t the only one, though. Almost all of us have been hoping for the same. 

It’s certain that everyone who has used an app to schedule a ride has encountered a cancellation, at least once. Of course, attempting to book rides while waiting to arrive somewhere is inconvenient for anyone. 

So one of the fellow users discovered a way to “never” have his ride cancelled. And he decided to share it with the rest of the world by tweeting about it.

The user undoubtedly received a rush of praises for disclosing the ultimate hack that we’d all been hunting for. Here’s what other Twitter users had to say about the Uber hack. 

But as we all know, Twitter is a platform full of opposing opinions, and people are really not hesitant to voice themselves. Along with those praises, he was faced with some backlash, with a few users claiming that the hack eventually affects the daily wage worker, i.e. the Uber drivers.

Well, this debate indicates that some things are supposed to be really mulled upon.