Most of us either know someone who has had a terrifying haunted experience in college or has heard spooky stories about college campuses being haunted. Many of us have also been to colleges that are believed to be haunted or have some horror stories attached them. On that note, here is a list of the 10 most haunted colleges in India that will surely give you goosebumps.

1. University of Pune

It is believed that the spirit of Alice Richman, niece of James Fergusson, still roams around the campus. 

Alice Richman died of cholera in 1886 and she was buried in a garden at the Savitribai Phule Pune University. However, no one really knows how she came to be buried there. People even have different theories regarding her death. Some believe that she either committed suicide or she was killed by someone. Now, this college campus is believed to be haunted by her spirit. People claim to have seen Alice Richman’s spirit walking around the campus in a white gown, at night.

2. IIT, Roorkee

This college is said to be haunted by the spirit of a student who allegedly committed suicide in one of the hostel rooms a couple of years ago.

According to reports, a depressed student allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling of his hostel room. After this incident, rumours started spreading which claim that the room that was being used by the student in the hostel on the ground floor, is now haunted by his spirit. Students who pass through the room often feel uneasy and heavy. Now, everyone maintains a safe distance from that particular room.

3. Madras Christian College

People claim to hear vague sounds and the voice of a professor teaching comes from an empty chemistry lab. 

This college in Madras has bagged the title of being one of the most haunted colleges in India. Visitors and students have complained about hearing sounds coming from the empty chemistry labs, on multiple occasions. Many people have also heard the voice of a professor giving lectures and instructions related to practicals. The identity of the alleged professor is still not known.

4. St. Bede’s College, Shimla

Students claim to hear mysterious noises and the sound of whistling in the middle of the night. 

There have been numerous reports of loud whistling and vague noises coming from the dining room at night. However, the faculty of this college has dismissed all claims by saying that it is the sound of wind blowing and rustling of the leaves in the hills. Students claim to feel a sense of heaviness if they go to the dining room at night so, they avoid going there after dark.

5. SNDT Girls College, Mumbai 

Students claim to hear a female voice and the sound of children crying at night. 

Students have complained about hearing sounds of children wailing and a female voice reciting the multiplication tables around 2 AM. Students believe that the noises come from a spot in the campus where the staff quarters used to be located earlier. So far, no explanation has been found for this.

6. Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune

The spirit of a student who allegedly killed himself within the campus premises still lingers around.

It is said that a student committed suicide in this college campus due to bad grades and depression. Many people claim that they have seen the ghost of that student walking around the campus at night. Now, no one roams around the premises after dark.

7. Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai

It is believed that a spirit wanders in class room number S26.

Many students have reportedly seen and heard this unknown entity. The mini-auditorium and the ladies common room are also said to be sites of paranormal activities. Students claim to hear weird noises and inexplicable sounds coming from the mini-auditorium and the ladies room for no apparent reason. The identity of the spirit is still not clear.

8. Women’s College, Kolkata 

It is believed that the spirit of Sir Warren Hastings haunts this college campus.

This college building used to be the home of Sir Warren Hastings but now it is said to be haunted by his spirit. Students claim that Hastings presence is most prominent around New Year’s Eve. They claim that during that time the General’s spirit rushes up the staircase of his residence, which lies within the college premises, in search of some documents. This makes sense because earlier, Hastings was charged with bribery and destroying evidence. He died of dysentery in 1818.

9. Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

According to reports, people have seen skeletons walking around and have heard mysterious noises while passing through this area.

This building used to be a science college but now it is known to be haunted. This college building fell to ruin and was abandoned for years, but it is said that the dead bodies in the biology labs were not disposed properly. People who pass through this spooky building at night claim to have seen walking skeletons, sparks and hearing inexplicable noises. They also claim to feel the presence of something evil and dark. There was a guard who was put on duty by the Government but, he died under mysterious circumstances

10. Kastoorbha Medical College, Manipal 

This college is said to be haunted by a spirit who claims to be trapped on the 8th floor.

The stairways of this college are said to be haunted by an unknown entity who claims to be trapped on the 8th floor of the building. Interestingly, there is no 8th floor in any building of the campus. Witnesses say that the spirit seems confused and he is harmless. The apparition hasn’t attacked anyone but, his identity still remains unclear.

Do you know of paranormal experiences in any college?