There’s no place as grim and depressing as the place where someone dead is laid to rest. While we pray for their peace, the atmosphere in a graveyard, or any burial place feels heavy on most of us. The same can be said for these cemeteries in India. 

1. South Park Cemetery, Kolkata

Visitors reportedly fall ill and feel dizzy after visiting this cemetery. 

The South Park Cemetery is considered to be one of the most haunted cemetery in India. Just so you know, this graveyard is the final resting place of the Englishmen who lost their lives at an early age. Visitors often complain about a weird sensation and a constant feeling of dizziness which stays even after you leave the premises. Most people have fallen ill after visiting this cemetery. It is also believed that jogi babas use the corpses in the graves for witchcraft.

2. Towers of Silence, Mumbai

It is said that the ghosts of the dead are responsible for the suicides of many residents who lived in a building near this burial ground. 

The Towers of Silence is a Zoroastrian funerary tower that is the final resting place for the Parsis. According to the ritual, their dead bodies are kept in the open to be eaten by vultures. This place remains deserted during the night but passers by have complained about feeling uneasy. According to reports, there were a number of suicides that took place in a building nearby which is known as the Grand Pararri Towers. It is believed that the supernatural forces from this burial ground are responsible for those suicides but nothing can be said for sure.

3. Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

Beware of a child walking around with a coffin stand in his hand. 

This is one of the oldest burial grounds for the Christians that is situated in the capital city. People have reportedly had a number of paranormal experiences and unusual sightings that they cannot explain. Most visitors have reportedly seen a child walking around the cemetery with a coffin stand in his hand.

4. St. John’s (Kalpalli) Cemetery, Bengaluru

The spirit of an old man is still seen walking inside this cemetery. 

This cemetery in Bengaluru has bagged the title of being one of the most haunted cemeteries in India. People often end up feeling eerie, uneasy and spooky around this area at night. They claim to hear weird sounds and loud noises. Most visitors have also reportedly seen a faint image of a man walking inside the cemetery.

5. Kirkee War Cemetery, Pune

Students from a college nearby still hear cries of the soldiers at night. 

This cemetery was created during the Second World War and it is dedicated to the war veterans. It is situated near Pune’s Deccan College. Students from the college reportedly hear the cries of soldiers at night.

6. Portuguese Cemetery, Kollam

Visitors reportedly hear creepy noises coming from this cemetery for no apparent reason. 

This cemetery was built in 1519 by the Portuguese but now it is known to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in India. There are carved photographs and initials of the dead on the graveyards that seem to be staring right at you. No one is seen around this cemetery because there are reports of spooky sounds and weird noises that come from this burial ground. People maintain a safe distance from this cemetery because the aura feels negative around this place.

7. Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi

According to reports, this cemetery is haunted by the ghosts of British soldiers and their families. 

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Delhi. It is believed that this burial ground is haunted by the spirits of British soldiers, their children and their wives. Visitors have often complained about hearing strange sounds at night. It is also claimed that a ‘headless ghost’ who was murdered by his lover, still walks around this cemetery after sunset.

8. Digboi War Cemetery, Assam

It is claimed that the spirits of the soldiers who were killed by the Japanese plan and plot their revenge against them, after sunset. 

It is believed that the spirits of the soldiers who were brutally killed by the Japaneses still haunt this place. It is said that the spirits of these soldiers sit and plot their revenge against the Japanese after dark.

9. Roman Catholic Cemetery, Agra

This cemetery was apparently given to the Roman Catholic Mission by Akbar. It is believed that the ghosts of Armenian soldiers haunt this burial ground at night.

10. Delhi War Cemetery, Delhi

You may come face to face with a lady dressed in a white saree who asks for a lift. 

It is believed that a lady dressed in a white saree walks around this cemetery and asks commuters for a lift. If you refuse to give her a lift, she apparently runs alongside your car and vanishes into thin air.

I wouldn’t want to step foot in any of these cemeteries mentioned above. Will you dare?