Earlier, museums were historic homes or plantations where a number a terrible events occurred. It comes as no surprise that so many scary stories are attached to museums. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, these creepy museum ghost stories are sure to send a chill down your spine. On that note, here are the 10 most haunted museums across the globe that you must visit if you get a chance. 

1. The Cleveland Museum Of Art, U.S.A

According to reports, a man in gray haunts his portrait and a boy is seen running through exhibits. 

This museum is apparently one of the most actively haunted museums in the United States. Leslie Cade, the interim director of the museum said that ''the many ghosts of the museum are still here telling their stories and every now and then they lest us know they are here.'' It is believed that Director William Mathewson Milliken, who served from 1930 to 1958 is still seen wandering around the halls, sporting a tweed jacket and folder under his arms. The spirit of Claude Monet, the forefather of French Impressionism was also captured in a photograph of the recent exhibit. The ghost of a little boy is also seen sometimes running through the exhibits, dressed in the same clothing as one of the paintings in the gallery. Many have also spotted a man in gray at several occasions who can be seen standing in front of his own portrait and slowly disappearing into it.

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2. Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia

It is claimed that disembodied voices echo through this museum. 

The Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia is considered as one of the most haunted museums in the Southern Hemisphere. It is believed that this building was an asylum, before it was converted into a museum. Visitors have often complained about feeling uneasy upon entering the building. Many people have reportedly been touched by ghostly hands and lips. It is also believed that photographs in certain galleries reportedly change, apparitions appear and disappear at random. Many visitors have also reportedly heard ghostly voices. 

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3. Torquay Museum, England

In a photograph, a mysterious woman is seen rising up through the floor at Torquay Museum.

According to reports, things got creepy when a ghost hunting event was organised in this museum in 2015. A photograph taken of an empty room showed the apparition of a woman, dressed in antique clothing. In the snapshot, it seems like her ghostly apparition is emerging up from the floor. It is believed that she may not be the only spirit present at the museum. Many visitors and employees report seeing books fly off the shelves on their own. Many people have also complained about spotting another female figure dressed in blue.

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4. Pharmacy Museum, New Orleans 

It is believed that the spirit of a notorious doctor still lingers in the museum. 

Many people have complained about seeing the spirit of  the building's former owner. According to legend, an infamous doctor named Dr. Dupas was performing horrendous experiments on pregnant slaves in the 19th century. It is believed that when the museum closes, Dr. Dupas begins his mischief by throwing books around, moving displays from one place to another and setting off the security alarm. Staff members and visitors also claim to have seen his apparition. He is often seen wearing a brown suit and a matching hat. 

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5. The Museum Of The Albemarle, North Carolina

According to reports, a murdered teenager and a local historian still haunt this museum. 

This museum was moved to a new building in 2005 but, it still remains haunted. Visitors and staff members have reported strange sightings and strange noises. It is believed that the spirit of a 19-year-old girl, named Nell Cropsey, who was murdered in 1901 and dumped in a river still haunts this building. This museum is said to be haunted by another ghost named Fred Fearing, a local historian who donated several items to the collection. Staff members claim to have seen and identified his ghost at several occasions. 

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6. The Mütter Museum, Philadelphia

Many visitors claim to feel dizzy and uneasy while exploring this museum. 

This museum, situated in Philadelphia houses multitudes of medical oddities collected over the centuries. These strange objects and tools mostly belonged to the people who not only physically suffered in life, but also were ridiculed and shamed. The mere presence of these tools in the museum is terrifying and creepy. Visitors often report a feeling of discomfort and unease while spending time in the building. Many people have also complained about feeling dizzy and breathless. 

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7. San Francisco Art Institute, California

It is said that angry spirits reside in the bell tower at this museum. 

The bell tower at the San Francisco Art Institute is known as the center of paranormal activities since the 1940s. Once a watchman reported hearing the sound of footsteps on the stairs but, no one was seen. In 1968, workers started renovating this tower and strange accidents starting taking place on this site, ever since. The construction crew went through a series of setbacks and personal tragedies. It is claimed that one night, vengeful spirits started destroying the furniture. It is also believed that the spirits of frustrated art students still wander around this museum. 

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8. Hunter Museum of American Art, Tennessee

The spirit of a woman named Augusta who was murdered, still lingers around in the museum. 

According to reports, this museum is home to at least five ghosts. Employees and visitors regularly sense the presence of someone or something. They feel like they are being watched by someone. Night shift security guards in this museum claim to have spotted moving shadows within the galleries. It is believed that the spirit of Augusta Hoffman, a young woman who was unhappy with her relation to the Bennett family that lived just next to the Hunter Museum, still wanders around. Visitors have often complained about seeing her apparition looking out of the windows. Many people also claim to catch a whiff of her perfume. According to legend, she went missing in 1915, leaving behind her belongings but, this wasn't true. In 1924, during renovation works, a skeleton was discovered in Bennett's home which was later identified as Augusta's body. 

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9. Thackray Medical Museum, England

This building is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the former inhabitants who died here. 

This Victorian building was originally started as a Union Workhouse in 1861. It was home to the homeless and the destitute who had to no place to go. It was eventually converted into a hospital in 1925 but, during the 1990s the hospital shut down and the building was re-opened as a Medical Museum. Now, it is believed that this building is haunted by former inhabitants who died here. People have complained about seeing ghostly figures, unseen hands, darting shadows and hearing vague whispering voices. 

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10. Penang War Museum, Malyasia

The spirits of prisoners who were tortured and beheaded here still wander around. 

This building was originally built by the British in the 1930s with bunkers, enforcements and canons facing the sea. Large number of Japanese prisoners were held captive in this building and were tortured and beheaded. Now, locals dub this fort as the Bukit Hantu or “Ghost Hill.” This fort was restored in 2002 and it re-opened as the Peneng War Museum but, this place still remains a gloomy place where ghosts and spirits are often spotted. People have complained about seeing apparitions wandering in the corridors that disappear into thin air and hearing weird noises. In 2013, The National Geographic Channel series I Wouldn’t Go There highlighted the museum’s specters. 

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There's something unsettling about a museum. Agreed?