Apart from being popular for its rich wildlife, archaeological sites and tea plantations, Assam is also famous for its supernatural world and creepy, haunted stories. So, if you are up for exploring 'the other world' here are the 8 most haunted places in Assam that you can visit. 

1. Valley of Death for Birds, Jatinga

Migratory birds commit mass suicides in Jatinga village, for no apparent reason. 

Jatinga is a quaint village that lies near Guwahati and it is famous worldwide for its unexplained phenomenon of mass bird suicides. Migratory birds visit this area every year, but they never leave alive. Birds commit mass suicides on a specific strip of land between 6 PM to 9:30 PM on moonless nights between September and October. This phenomena has been taking place for more than a century now but no one has an explanation for this. 

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2. A Haunted Lounge, Jorhat

Visitors have seen demonic symbols inside the house and have heard weird noises and screams. 

Nearby residents have reportedly heard weird noises, screams, crying noises and other inexplicable sounds coming from inside this deserted, old building. Visitors claim to have found various types of symbols at different spots in the house. Some believe that these symbols have something to do with evil spirits and demons. Now, no one dares to explore this abandoned building after sunset. 

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3. Bogijuli Camp

Locals and visitors claim to hear the cries and laughter of a woman at night. 

This camping site in the Nameri Forest Reserve is supposed to be haunted. Visitors have reported strange happenings and unexplainable occurrences in this area. Many people have also complained about hearing the laughter and cries of a woman but no one is every seen. Visitors have also reported hearing the sound of bamboos falling, but as usual no one is present there on investigation. 

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4. A Haunted House, Nagaon

The spirit of a teenage girl still roams around a deserted house located in Nagaon area. 

There is an abandoned house adjoining Tarun Phukan Road that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a teenager. It is believed that the girl was raped and murdered in this house. Now, it is said that her spirit still wanders the house because she wants to take revenge from her culprits. 

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5. Sundarbari Cemetery, Guwahati

Locals and visitors have complained about seeing apparitions and hearing creepy sounds

Visitors have experienced paranormal activities in and around this cemetery. Locals have reported seeing apparitions and hearing creepy sounds after midnight. Some people have also complained about getting sick after visiting this cemetery. 

Source: hauntingindia.blogspot.com

6. The banyan tree, Puranigudam

Spirits of Assamese villagers who were tied to a Banyan tree and set on fire still linger around this area. 

A Banyan tree located in Kakharigaon area is said to be haunted. It is believed that during the Assamese-Burmese wars of the 1820s, the Burmese used to harass the poor Assamese villagers. They would tie up the locals to the banyan tree, put them atop the tree and set the base of the tree on fire. Today, it is said that this tree is haunted by the souls of those who were killed and tortured by the Burmese.

Source: hauntingindia.blogspot.com

7. Mayong Village

This village in Assam is famous for its practice of black magic. 

Mayong village is also known as 'India's Black Magic capital.' It is said that this village has wizards who have the ability to transform humans to animals by using black magic. The village is popularly known for its tradition of hosting black magic rituals. People who are facing issues and troubles by black magic, come here to get cured.

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8. Hahim Picnic Spot

It is believed that the spirit of a witch still haunts this picnic spot. 

This amazing picnic spot in Guwahati turns into a silent spooky place after dark. The highway stretch that passes through this area is said to be haunted. There have been many reports of paranormal activities and it is believed that the Hahim Picnic spot is haunted by an evil witch who roams around this area. People have also complained about hearing unnatural sounds.

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Stay away from these haunted places if you are faint-hearted.