All mega cities have a dark side to it, that many may not be aware of and Bangalore is no different. This city might be the IT hub of India but it also has a reputation for scary spots where ominous activities and restless spirits run wild. On that note, here are the 7 most haunted places in Bangalore that you should probably not visit alone.

1. Terra Vera, St. Mark’s Road

This colonial house is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Dolce, one of its occupants who was murdered here. 

It is believed that this colonial house is haunted by Dolce, one of its occupants who was brutally stabbed to death in 2002. Locals have complained about dropping temperatures, eerie sights and mysterious sounds that come from the surroundings of this house.

2. Kalpalli Cemetery

Beware of a man dressed in white, roaming around the graveyards.

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Bangalore and now it is also labelled as one of the most haunted places. Many visitors have experienced something eerie and strange that they cannot quite explain. Some visitors reported seeing a man dressed in white who roams among the graves only to disappear when approached. Others have encountered a strange feeling of uneasiness as if they are being watched as they walk through the graveyard. Some also claim to have seen spirits rise from their graves in the middle of the night.

3. Hoskote Route

Motorists claim that they have been stopped by an old lady who asks for a lift. 

Motorists who pass through this route claim to have had an encounter with the paranormal here. This is a lonely stretch that has graveyards on both sides of the road. Motorists claim that they have been stopped by a mysterious old lady asking for a lift. There are reports that the old lady once couldn’t step into an auto because of the presence of idols and holy pictures inside the auto so she started laughing hysterically at the auto driver and said that if he would have stepped out to help her get into the auto, he would have been murdered by her.

4.  Victoria Hospital on Fort Road

People complain about seeing a ghost dressed in white who roams around the resident tree in the garden. 

This hospital has been serving patients for more than a century but people claim to have seen a ghost dressed in white roaming around the resident tree in the garden. Hospital staff claims that the unknown entity has been stealing Biryani packets and tea from the canteen area.

5. NH4 Route 

Unexplainable incidents on this route has frightened motorists.  

Highway hauntings have now become quite common and the same can be said for the NH4 Route. People claim to have encountered something inexplicable on this route. There is one famous story from this very spot which goes like this: one night, a motorist stopped and gave a pretty young lady a lift and as soon as he turned around to ask her where she was headed, the woman vanished into thin air.

6. Call Center at MG Road

This call center is now haunted by the spirit of a woman who was killed by a drunk driver. 

A call center at MG Road happens to be in the hub of the city but now it is known as one of the haunted places in Bangalore. We don’t know the exact name or location of this call center but it is believed that a woman who worked at the center was killed by a drunk driver who later fled the scene, leaving the helpless woman to die. People claim that they have seen the ghost of the woman during their change of shift, late at night.

7. Kempegowda International Airport

The airport staff and taxi drivers claim to have had an encounter with a lady in white. 

This might be one of the busiest airports but many claim to have seen sightings of a ghost dressed in white. From taxi drivers to staff workers, everyone seems to have had an encounter with a lady in a white saree. However, the entity was nowhere to be found when the authorities investigated the site.

Believe it or not.