Chandigarh is a vibrant city that also has a dark spooky side to it, that many are not aware of. This city also has some horror stories attached to it that can send chills down your spine. So, if you are living in this city and are in a mood to do something adventurous, here are 8 haunted places in Chandigarh that you can visit to experience the paranormal. 

1. An Abandoned House in Sector 16

The spirit of a student who committed suicide in this house still lingers around. 

According to reports, it is believed that this house is haunted by the spirit of a student who committed suicide here. Many people have reportedly seen the apparition of the boy. People have also complained about hearing vague noises. 


2. Savitri Bai Phule Hostel

This hostel is believed to be haunted by a headless ghost. 

People claim to have seen a headless apparition wandering around in the corridors of the hostel. Students have also complained about seeing the apparition looking out from windows of some hostel rooms. Many students went to the authorities to voice their concern, but the mystery of the headless ghost still remains unsolved. 


3. Cremation Ground in Sector 25

People have complained about feeling uneasy and seeing apparitions roaming around at night. 

Many people have complained about having eerie experiences in this cremation ground. Visitors have also complained about feeling uneasy and feeling a sense of heaviness. People also claim to have spotted apparitions and spirits walking around. 


4. A Railway Guest House in Manimajra

According to reports, the notorious spirit peeps inside the bathroom when someone is taking a shower. 

One room in this railway guest house is believed to be haunted. Many visitors have reportedly witnessed paranormal activities. It is said that there is a notorious spirit inside in the room who has a bad habit of peeping inside the bathroom when someone is taking a shower. 


5. A Temple in Sector 39

According to legend, the spirit of a Sati woman still haunts this temple. 

This temple, popularly known as Haunting Sati, was built in remembrance of a woman who became Sati. Now, it is believed that this temple-like structure is haunted by the spirit of the Sati woman. It is said that anyone who prays here and bows down in front of the temple gets possessed by the spirit of the Sati woman. 


6. Punjab University 

It is said that spirits live inside the trees within the campus and they come out at night. 

It is believed that the trees close to the Law department and the Botanical Gardens within the campus are haunted by spirits. Many people claim to have seen apparitions coming out of these trees at night and they have also complained about feeling eerie, spooky and uneasy while passing through these areas. 


7. Sukhna Lake 

This gorgeous lake is supposedly haunted by an evil spirit. 

According to reports, this beautiful lake has witnessed several deaths in the past and now it is believed to be haunted. There have been several cases of suicide at this spot and many people claim that this place has now been possessed by some evil spirit. 


8. Haunted Bridge in Sector 16

This bridge is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a girl who died in an accident. 

This bridge, located on the way to the General Hospital in Sector 16 is now believed to be haunted. Passersby have often complained about experiencing paranormal activities here. Many claim to have seen a girl in a white apron, going down the bridge with a lamp in her hand. It is said that this girl was a doctor and she was hit by a speeding truck many years ago. Many people claim to have had the same experience. 


Will you dare?