If you are in the mood to do something adventurous that will send chills down your spine, here are the 10 most haunted places in Delhi that you can visit, if you are looking for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. And if not, you’d do well to stay away from these places entirely. Scroll down to find out. 

1. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment is known for being one of the safest areas in Delhi but at night, there are reports of seeing a woman hitchhiker. 


People claim to have seen a woman clad in white who tries to stop motorists for a lift. If she is not given a lift, she chases cars that don’t give her a lift by running at a speed that equals or is more than that of their vehicle. And, those who do give this woman a lift are never to be seen again. Locals believe that this ghostly woman was a hitchhiker who died waiting for help. 


2. Northern Ridge

Here people can be seen hanging around during the daytime but, at night this place becomes isolated.


People have all kinds of stories to say about this place. From spirits chasing people to hearing blood-curdling screams coming out of nowhere, everything about this place feels eery and haunted. 


3. Sanjay Van 

This dense forest is a haven for children and nature lovers during the day but there are reports of seeing a woman clad in white, at night.


Here you’ll come across graves and remains of the fort which are now covered in creepers. There have been reports of people hearing cries of children and people have also claimed to have seen a woman in white who disappears suddenly into thin air. There have been claims of being pushed by an invisible force while strolling around Sanjay Van. 


4. Feroze Shah Kotla Fort

This grand fort has now bagged the title of being haunted as people claim to have been pushed and thrashed.


Every Thursday a crowd gathers here in the evenings to please the Djinns of this haunted place. It is believed that Djinns roam free in the fort complex after sunset. People have recalled episodes of being pushed, thrashed and they have also sensed a sudden fragrance emerging out of the blue. Some also claim to have been followed by an unseen identity to their house who then unleashes hell on to them. 


5. Lothian Cemetry

The thought of roaming around in a graveyard is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine especially when there are reports of hearing cries, screeches and screams.


As per reports, people claim to have seen a British soldier’s ghost who walks carrying his head in his hand. People believe that it is the ghost of General Nicholas, who shot himself in the head after he found out that the women he fell in love with, married someone else. His heartbroken soul still wanders around this cemetery. Bypassers are said to hear evil laughs and cries coming from this creepy spot.


6. Agrasen Ki Baoli

This stunning piece of architecture is a famous tourist spot but it beleived that this place lures people into drowning themselves.


People believe that the black water of this well lures people and leads them to drowning themselves. According to reports, the lure intensifies as you go further down the stairs. This site is often visited by people who are looking for some cheap thrills. 


7. Khooni Darwaza

There are reports of screams and cries coming from this historical monument at night.


There are reports of people hearing loud screams and anguished cries, many a times. The reason behind this ghostly presence is still not known for sure but some people claim that a brutal murder of three princes and hanging of freedom fighters by Englishmen took place here. People also claim to have seen apparitions through walls of this gate and they have also felt the sudden drop in temperature. 


8. Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

It is believed that the ghost of the thieves punished here become active at night. 


It is believed that the holes of Chor Minar were spiked with spears which bore the heads of the punished thieves during the time of Ala-ud-din-Khilji. It is said that the spirits of these thieves become active at night. 


9. Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

There are reports of seeing a woman appearing from nowhere in this otherwise busy metro station in Dwarka.


Just outside the entrance of this metro station people have been overwhelmed by a barrage of inexplicable energy thrust upon them suddenly. There are reports of seeing a woman appearing out of the blue, in front of the commuters and then disappearing without any traces. Most of these experiences have taken place during the night.


10. House Number W-3, GK

This abandoned house in GK has been haunted by an elderly helpless couple, according to sources.


It is believed that an elderly couple was murdered inside their house and now they have come back as ghosts to reclaim their house. Locals claim to have heard strange voices and subdued murmurs from this isolated house. There are reports of hearing an eerie but muffled laughter from the house every now and then. People has feel dizzy and heavy while walking past this haunted house.


We all love cheap thrills, don’t we?