We’ve all seen the fun side of Goa. But, there’s a dark side to the popular tourist spot not many know about. This popular beach destination is also home to some of the most haunted places in India which have been kept under the wraps for years. On that note, here are the 10 most haunted places in Goa that you could visit if you believe in the paranormal or stay away from on your next trip to Goa.

1. Three Kings’ Church

Visitors have reported hearing strange noises, weird sounds and feeling the presence of something omnipresent in this church. 

Believe it or not but this church in Casualim village is said to be haunted. This church was named after the three scholar-kings who went to visit Lord Jesus at the time of his birth in Bethlehem. It is believed that one out of the three Portuguese king poisoned the other two for power and because he wanted the entire kingdom to himself.  In the wake of a public outcry, the greedy kind ended up poisoning himself too. It is said that the bodies of the three kings were buried under the church and their soul still roams around the church and the village.


2. Saligao Village

The angry spirit of a woman named Christalina still wanders around this village. 

This small village in Goa is reportedly haunted by spirit of a woman named Christalina. It is believed that her soul still lives in a Banyan tree in the village. According to reports, this lady was seen by a church’s bishop who fainted after seeing her apparition. The next day, the bishop was found by the locals with scratches all over his body. When he re-gained consciousness he screamed Christalina’s name and said that he was possessed by her spirit. After this incident locals are scared of going near the Banyan tree after sunset. 


3. Borim Bridge

Commuters have complained about seeing a woman jumping into the river from the Borim Bridge. 

This haunted bridge was built by the Portuguese with the intention of connecting Ponda in North Goa to Margao in South Goa. According to legend, many children were sacrificed during the construction of this bridge. But, there are other stories too that revolve around the bridge. Three friends were driving across this bridge one night when they saw a woman running on the bridge. They thought she might be a local mad soul but on reaching closer, the woman screamed and jumped into the river. The boys rushed out of their car to help the woman but she was nowhere to be seen. Many people have the same story and experience to share. It is said that those who stop to help the woman find her sitting on the back seat of the vehicle. Such incidents have made the locals believe that the Borim bridge is now haunted. 


4. Janki Bandh

The spirits of all the children who died in a bus accident are said to haunt this place. 

This bridge was temporarily built to connect Navelim and Drampur but now it is known as one of the most haunted places in Goa. A tragic road accident once took place on this bridge. A school bus full of children toppled over leading to the death of all the passengers. Locals complain about hearing screams and wails of all the children at night. The atmosphere around this place feels heavy, negative and spooky.


5. Rachol Seminary Arch

It is said that a soldier still guards this arch by denying entry to those he thinks are not deserving enough. 

The Rachol Seminary Arch is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a soldier. It is said that he walks to and fro guarding the arch on special occasions and he denies entry to any person who he feels is undeserving. Locals say that the soldier is still not willing to leave his post. A few people have also claimed to have seen him in full uniform under the arch. 


6. D’Mello House

Visitors reportedly hear the sound of footsteps, screams and inexplicable noises coming from this property. 

This abandoned house located in Santimol is said to be haunted by the spirits of two brothers who used to stay here. It is believed that the two bothers were constantly fighting over the property since they both wanted to inherit this beautiful house. One fine day, the quarrel grew so violent that it resulted in the death of one of the brothers. Now, visitors and passersby complain about hearing window panes crack, footsteps, disturbing noises and heart-wrenching screams coming from inside this property. 


7. The Rodrigues Home

The spirits of the Rodrigues family still haunts this old mansion. 

This old mansion is situated in Verna that lies about 10 km North of Margao in Goa. This house might look beautiful and attractive from the outside but the same can’t be said for the inside. It is believed that the Rodrigues family continues to occupy this building even after their demise. Locals and visitors claim that the doors and windows of the house open and close, lights flicker and the cutlery starts moving on their own. 


8. Baytakhol

According to reports, a woman is seen screaming on this road at night. 

The Baytakhol road that lies between Dhavali and Bori is now said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. Commuters have reportedly seen a woman in the middle of the road, shrieking and screaming her lungs out but if you drive past her and look behind, she vanishes. Drivers often lose control of their vehicle, due to this haunted ditsraction which leads to many accidents on this road. 


9. Igorchem Bandh

It is said that if you come here between 2 PM and 3 PM, you might get possessed by an evil demonic spirit. 

This silent, deserted road located behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows in Raina is said to haunted by the the presence of evil spirits. It is believed that if you walk on this road between 2 PM and 3 PM, there are high chances that you might get possessed by a demonic spirit. 


10. Mumbai-Goa Highway (NH17)

This highway is believed to be haunted by a group of witches. 

This highway connecting Mumbai and Goa is supposed to be haunted by a group of blood-thirsty witches who are constantly in search of their next prey. Locals advise commuters to avoid carrying non-vegetarian food items in their car while driving through NH17, after sunset. It is said that the vehicle comes to a halt or goes out of control if you carry non-vegetarian food with you. 


Do you have any creepy stories to share with us?