The ‘City of Nawabs’ is also home to some of the most mysterious spook locales you could think of. From film sets to once-upon-a-time college campuses, the city has a ghostly tale to tell that will keep you up at night wondering whether or not you ever want to visit. We came across 8 such haunted places in this city that you can visit if you want to experience the paranormal. 

 1. Golconda Fort 

The spirits of the king and queen who were buried in this palace apparently still haunt the fort. 

This fort was built by the Kakatiyas who ruled Andhra Pradesh during the 13th century. It is believed that the king and queen who were buried here still haunt this fort. It is also said that the spirit of an ex-courtesan still walks and dances in the palace at night. People claim to hear screams and howls in pain from the fort after sunset. Some have also reportedly seen images hanging upside-down on the walls of the fort.

2. Ramoji Film City

People claim to have been attacked by something invisible. 

According to reports, this film city is built on a war zone. It is said that the spirits of the soldiers who were buried here still roam the grounds. Visitors and people have claimed that they have been attacked by something invisible. Even the mirrors here apparently have strange Urdu words scribbled on them.

3. Shamshabad Airport

People have reportedly seen a woman in a white saree dancing on the runway. 

There have been several spooky incidents that have been reported in this airport. It is believed that the spirits of those who were killed during the disputes regarding the construction of this airport haunt it. Some claim to have spotted a lady in a white saree dancing on the runway at night.

4. Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills

The lights flicker at night and the temperature drops for no apparent reason in this graveyard. 

This graveyard is home to the some of the deceased affluent of Hyderabad but now it is considered as one of the most haunted places in the city. Creepy occurrences take place after sunset. The street lights start flickering and the temperature in graveyard drops significantly without any reason. Commuters have also complained about their tires getting punctured around this area.

5. Rabindra Nagar

In 2012, many inhabitants of this area committed suicide. 

According to reports, many of the residents committed suicide here. There was a temple in this area that was destroyed, after which, people have started believing that this area is cursed. To get rid of the negativity, people have now put red flags along with a slogan that reads ‘Jai Shree Ram’ to ward off the evil spirits.

 6. Dedh Lakh Ghar

People have reported hearing strange noises of a woman crying. 

It is believed that whoever tried to stay in this house ended up committing suicide. The atmosphere around this house feels very negative so, even the locals avoid passing through it during the day. People claim to hear strange noises of a woman crying from inside this old building.

7. Khairatabad Science College

The spirits of the dead bodies which were said to have been experimented upon in the labs still reside here. 

This was once a flourishing university for students by now it lies barren. It is claimed that this building is haunted by the dead bodies which were tested upon in the labs. Most people have complained about feeling uneasy and eerie while passing through this area. They feel the presence of something evil. Now, no one even dares to come close to this dilapidated building. Even the guard stationed at the main gate died under mysterious circumstances.

8. The Kundanbagh House

Corpses of three women were found in one of the houses in Kundanbagh area. 

Kundanbagh is a posh area in Hyderabad and one particular house here is now believed to be haunted. It is said that once a thief entered the second floor at night but he was shocked by what he saw when he entered the house. There were dead bodies of three women laying on the bed. The Police claimed that the corpses were almost 6 months old but the neighbors claimed that they saw these women almost daily. It is said that these ladies used to practice black magic in their house and they lived without electricity. Their death still remains a mystery. Now, no one dares to come close to this premises.

Are you daring enough?