Kashmir is popularly known as 'paradise on Earth' but, there are a few places in this gorgeous valley which are also known to be haunted. If you don't believe me, here are 6 haunted places in Kashmir that you can visit if you are interested in witnessing paranormal activities. 

1. Udhampur Army Quarters

It is believed that ghouls visit the Army quarters between 1 AM and 3 AM in this area. 

If rumors are to be believed, this army quarters in Srinagar is haunted by supernatural spirits. People have complained about seeing ghostly apparitions floating in air for a few seconds only to disappear into thin air. According to some locals, these spirits also make strange noises and emit light. People claim that these spirits are of ghouls visiting Earth and they can be seen between 1 AM and 3 AM. 

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2. Gawkadal Bridge

This bridge is believed to be haunted by the spirits of innocent Kashmiris who were massacred here in 1991. 

Several years ago, Kashmiris were brutally massacred for revolting against their country. In 1991, CRPF jawans open fired on a group of people protesting to fulfill their demands. This massacre is described as one of the 'worst massacres in Kashmiri history' till date. Since then, a number of paranormal activities have been reported on this bridge. It is believed that this bridge is now haunted by angry, dissatisfied souls who died an untimely death here. Visitors and trespassers have complained about seeing ghostly apparitions and hearing vague noises and strange voices while crossing this bridge. 

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3. An Abandoned House in Srinagar

This abandoned house is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a jinn named Abdullah. 

Locals believe that an unidentified house in Srinagar is said to occupied by a Jinn. The excat location of this house is unknown but, eyewitnesses say that anyone who goes inside the house, a few minutes later would see his/her shoes thrown. Many people claim to have seen shoes flying out of the house. It is also said that anyone who goes inside this haunted house suffers from some form of illness. Locals believe that this house is haunted by the spirit of a Jinn named Abdullah but, nothing can be said for sure. 

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4. The Twin Villages of Kunan-Poshpara

According to legend, the twin villages are haunted by the spirits of those women who were gang raped and brutally murdered by soldiers.

The twin villages of Kunan and  Poshpara in Kupwara district of Kashmir are believed to be haunted by the spirits of women who were brutally tortured, gang raped and killed by the soldiers. According to reports, about 100 women in the villages were raped and mistreated by uniformed men on February 23, 1991. Locals believe that these women who died in the incident still haunt these villages. 

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5. A Haunted Tree On The Way to Gurez

A strange looking tree that lies on the way to Gurez, from Srinagar, is believed to be haunted by evil spirits and anyone who touches it gets possessed. 

This creepy-looking tree lies in the middle of nowhere and it has no leaves. Locals claim that this tree is haunted by evil spirits and anyone who touches it on a half-moon day (amavasya) gets possessed by the evil spirits. 

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6. Khooni Nala 

Locals believe that this stretch is haunted by the spirit of a woman carrying a child in her hand who asks for a lift. 

A long stretch on Jammu Kashmir Highway, after passing through Banihal tunnel is infamously known as Khooni Nala. Several accidents have taken place here and the entire stretch is believed to be haunted by ghostly spirits. People have complained about seeing a woman clad in a black saree carrying an infant in her hand, asking for a lift. It is said that anyone who refuses to give her a lift is cursed by her and they eventually die in a road accident. 

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Visit these spooky places at your own risk.