Are you a fan of everything spooky, creepy and paranormal? If yes, here are the 10 most haunted places in Pune for you to explore if you are daring enough or for you to avoid after dark. 

1. Shaniwarwada Fort

The spirit of a young prince named Naryan Rao Peshwa is still present in this fort. 

This magnificent structure is known for being one of the most haunted places in Pune. Locals claim that the spirit of a young prince named Naryan Rao Peshwa haunts the fort. It is believed that he was brutally murdered. It is also stated that this fort was once destroyed due to a massive fire. The spirit of those people who died in the fire also roams around the fort. No one is allowed to enter the fort after 6 PM.

2. Symbiosis, Viman Road

Strange occurrences take place on full moon nights. 

On most evenings after sunset, dogs start barking at something invisible for no reason on Viman road. Locals advise new students and new residents to avoid walking or strolling on Viman road after midnight and on full moon nights. It is believed that the spirits are the strongest during these hours.

3. Victory Theatre, Camp Road

People have reported hearing giggles, banging of seats and weird noises. 

The Victory Theatre is believed to be housed in a building that is completely haunted. Strange occurrences start taking place here after sunset. Locals claim to have heard cruel laughter, creaking of seats, scary giggles and banging of seats without any explainable reason.

4. Choice Hostel

Students complain about seeing a ghostly figure roaming around in the corridor wearing a red saree. 

This boys hostel on Karva Road is famous for paranormal activities. Students who stay in this hostel claim to have seen a lady walk in the corridors in a red saree after midnight. Acoording to claims, the ghostly figure also holds a candle in her hand. However, the students believe that the spirit is harmless.

5. Sinhgad Fort

Beware of the giggling and piercing laughter of children after night descends upon you.

This fort is a popular weekend getaway but it is also known to be haunted. Locals believe that this fort has seen the days of bloodshed since important battles were fought here. Many visitors and locals have complained about hearing inexplicable screams coming from the fort at night. Some locals also claim to hear sounds of rods hitting metal.

6. The Haunted House, MG Road

According to reports, a young girl was murdered in this house. 

This abandoned house on MG Road, in Pune, is known for many paranormal activities. No one sets foot in this property after the sun goes down. It is believed that a young girl was brutally murdered here. Locals believe that her soul still wanders around the house.

7. Holkar Bridge

Mysterious deaths have been reported on this bridge. 

This bridge was built during the 18th century and now it has been labelled as one of the most haunted places in Pune. Many mysterious deaths have been reported at night from this very bridge. People who drive through this bridge claim to have heard screams and unexplicable noises that they have no clue about.

8. Khadki War Cemetery

The spirit of soliders come to life at night in this cemetery. 

This is a burial ground for soldiers who laid their lives for the country but no one dares to come here at night. Local residents who stay near the cemetery have complained about hearing shrieking sounds of soldiers, at night.

9. Chandan Nagar

The spirit of a girl roams around the area with a doll in her hand. 

Local residents have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a little girl in a white frock with a doll in her hand. Residents don’t step out of their homes after midnight in the fear of spotting this apparition. It is believed that the girl died after falling down from a construction site.

10. The Mansion, Residency Road

Locals complain about hearing shrill screams and laughter of an old lady. 

Locals believe that the spirit of an old lady still roams around this huge bunglow. Reports suggest that one can hear shrill screams and manic laughter coming from the bunglow at around midnight. However, nothing is known about how the old lady died.

Creepy enough?