Shimla is known for its serene beauty, snow-capped mountains, breath-taking views and the red apples. But, Shimla also has supernatural, paranormal sites that are tucked away in different locations. These locations are eerie and spooky enough so, here are the 7 most haunted places in Shimla that you should avoid visiting at any cost if you are feeble.

1. Charleville Mansion

It is claimed that a spirit of an old man resides in this mansion and is seen walking around. 

Located up the mellow hills of Shimla lies this century-old mansion that was built in the British era. Earlier, a British official named Victor Bayley resided here with his wife. One day when the couple was out at a party their domestic help noticed the figure of a man walking about in the house and passing through the main door as if it was a spirit. It is believed that the spirit of a poltergeist has been haunting this mansion for years. Even today, the locals claim to see shadows lingering inside the mansion. Presently, the mansion is owned by an Indian who has refurbished the entire house.

2. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Lakkar Bazar

Locals claim to have heard weird sounds, strange voices and they have also reported being pushed by a spirit.

Indira Gandhi Medical College is one of the largest medical institutes in Himachal Pradesh and now it has also bagged the title of being one of the most haunted places in Shimla. Visitors, patients, staff members and doctors have complained about mysterious activities in lifts, corridors and rooms. People have reported hearing noises that they have no explanation for and being pushed by an unknown entity. It is believed that these activities are due to the presence of the spirits of the people who lost their lives in the hospital.

3. Tunnel 33, Barong

It is believed that the ghost of Captain Barog who was buried here still resides in this tunnel. 

Captain Barog, a British engineer was given the responsibility for constructing this Shimla-Kalka tunnel but he failed miserably. He was humiliated and penalized by the supervisors and he eventually ended up killing himself. His body is now buried near the tunnel and it is believed that his spirit still roams around the tunnel. Locals claim to have seen a figure walking along the tracks of the tunnel and suddenly disappearing.

4. Convent of Jesus & Mary, Chotta Shimla

The ghost of a headless horseman offers flowers to the girls of this convent and takes them away. 

This reputed convent is now termed as one of the most haunted places in Shimla. It is believed that on Friday, the 13th, a headless horseman comes and offers flowers to the girls. If the girl accepts the flowers, she is taken away by the headless horseman and if she refuses to accept the flowers, she is killed. It is said that the existing school playground is also built over a burial ground of children who died in a fire mishap.

5. The Chudail Baudi

Beware of a woman hitchhiker who sits in the car even if her request is turned down. 

This road lies between Shimla highway and Chotta Shimla. It is believed that the speed of vehicles automatically slows down when passing through this road. Locals claim that a woman dressed in white asks for a lift and she sits in the car even if her request is turned down. She then, constantly stares at the driver and distracts them. Several accidents reported in the area have blamed this woman as the prime cause.

6. House of Dukhani

This mansion is said to be haunted by the spirit of an old man who shot himself here. 

This beautiful mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old man dressed in a white gown. It is believed that a man named Bucky shot himself in this very house.

7. Kingal Shimla Road

Strange lightings occur on this road every night at 2 AM without any reason. 

Locals believe that the strange lighting might be caused due to a spirit. However, it is still not known whether this is a scientific phenomena or a supernatural incident.

Are you creeped out?