It is never to late to give into your uncanny cravings and if you are an adventure freak who loves exploring renowned places with the creepiest stories, here are the 9 most haunted places in Udaipur that you can visit or stay away from after sunset. 

1.  Sajjangarh Fort

Visitors feel eerie, uncomfortable and uneasy while exploring the underground rooms. 

The underground floor of this fort still remains inaccessible for the tourists and visitors. Visitors have often felt uneasy and eerie while exploring the underground rooms of this magnificent structure. The underground rooms have been locked up for this very reason. Tourists are not allowed to stay within the premises after 7 PM.

2. Rani Road 

Commuters have complained about their vehicles coming to a halt on this road for no apparent reason. 

This road is ideal for a long drive but people try an avoid using it after midnight. Several locals have complained about experiencing something unearthly between 12 AM and 4 AM. Most commuters have also complained about their vehicle coming to a halt on the same road, for a few minutes for no reason at all.

3. Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

Visitors have reported hearing screams of women asking for help. 

It is said that Rani Padmini performed Jauhar along with 700 other women after Alauddin Khilji (Delhi’s Sultan) won the battle against Rani Padmini’s empire. They sacrificed their lives by jumping into a pit of fire. According to reports, visitors claim to hear the screams of women asking for help to save the empire.

 4. Gulab Bagh 

It is believed that exorcisms were performed in the masjids inside the Gulab Bagh Garden.

No one is allowed to enter Gulab Bagh Garden after sunset. People have stated that they have heard screams which sounded like a mixture of a male and female voice.

5.  Chandani Village

Locals claim that this village is haunted by the spirit of a woman. 

This village lies 23 kilometers away from Udaipur’s main city. It is a famous picnic spot which also constitutes of a breath-taking water stream and scenic natural beauty. It is believed that a woman’s spirit haunts Chandani Village. The villagers often warn tourists to leave the village before it gets dark.

6. NH 79 Ajmer – Udaipur Highway

The spirits of a woman and her daughter still haunt this highway. 

This highway is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. It is believed that a woman was trying to save her daughter from a child marriage. She ran towards the highway and started asking the passersby for help but the lady and her daughter were hit by a vehicle and they lost their lives in the incident. Now, many commuters complain about seeing a figure of a lady carrying her child and screaming for help.

7. Chirwa Ghati

This area is the most accident-prone zone and it is believed that some dark energy is responsible for these accidents. 

This Ghati has now transformed into Chirwa Tunnel and it is considered to be one of the most accident prone areas. It is said that before the tunnel was built, every one who wanted to cross Chirwa road had to stop at a Temple nearby and take the blessings of God for safety. People who didn’t visit the temple were prey to dangerous accidents. This area still remains an accident-prone zone and it is believed that some dark energy is responsible for these unfortunate accidents.

8. Bedla Mata Temple

If you look back after visiting this temple the ghosts will attach themselves to you. 

This temple is located at Bedla road in Udaipur. It is believed if you visit this temple and so some ritual which involves going under a shallow cave made of stones, the goddess of this temple takes away the evil spirits from the people. It is said that one shouldn’t look back after visiting this temple. If you do, all the ghosts that people leave behind will attach themselves to you.

9. Natni ka Chabutra

It is believed that the spirit of a rope walker still lingers around this area. 

Locals believe that a king named Maharana Jawan Singh promised a Natni (a tightrope walker) that he would gift half of his kingdom to her if she successfully manages to cross a rope tied from a village on the west bank to the lake to the City Palace on the east bank. Just when the woman was about to complete the challenge the king ordered his men to cut the rope. The Natni drowned and died in water. Since then, this place is said to be haunted.

Are you terrified?