Keep these haunted roads in mind the next time you decide to take a road trip in India.

Delhi-Jaipur Highway

If you’re ever travelling to the Pink City from the Capital via Alwar, beware of the fact that the same road leads to Bhangarh Fort, which is a well-known haunted place in the country. The highway is known to be haunted by the same spirits that haunt the fort.


Kashedi Ghat

If you’re on a road trip from Mumbai to Goa, you will cross this haunted stretch at Kashedi Ghat. The legend says that the road is haunted by flesh-thirsty witches and people have claimed to have been scratched by them. Apparently, any non-vegetarian food that is being carried in the vehicle disappears from it.

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Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

NH 209 leads you to this wildlife sanctuary which is considered haunted by the locals. According to their story, the notorious Indian bandit, Veerapan was killed here by the police and ever since, people have experienced strange noises on the stretch. People have also claimed to feel a negative energy enveloping around them.

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Delhi Cantonement Road, New Delhi

People who live around the area claim that this road is haunted by a lady in a white sari. Apparently, people are scared of driving here in the night because the said lady follows your vehicle and if you don’t stop, she speeds up and starts running side by side at the same speed.

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Marve and Madh Island Road, Mumbai

According to the legend, a newly-wed couple was driving down the road when they rammed into a truck. The husband jumped out of the car while the wife lost her life. People have claimed to see the wife in her bridal-wear haunting this road.

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Eastern Express Highway, Thane

This highway is apparently haunted by the ghost of a man who stands their with this hand stretched out. Allegedly, anyone crossing the road is at the risk of losing their head.

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Johnson and Johnson Road, Mulund, Maharashtra

A lot of people have gotten into accidents here since it is considered to be an accident-prone road. But the twist is that none of the people remember the accident and the only thing they can recall is that they were trying to save someone who suddenly appeared in front of their vehicle.


Blue Cross Road, Chennai

According to the locals, this road is infamous for people committing suicide there. People have claimed to see white figures following their vehicles.

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Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH 33

One of the most notorious highways when it comes to strange accidents, people claim that they’ve witnessed a lady in a white sari who seems to be elevated from the ground. The legend dictates that anyone travelling on this road should first pay their regards to the temple that is situated nearby.

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Besant Avenue Road, Chennai

This is considered one of the busiest roads of Chennai during the day but it’s completely deserted in the night. People have claimed to be slapped by a ghost and some have also lived to tell the tale of being overthrown.


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