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Traveling with your partner is the one thing that all couples really look forward to. It can add a new flavour to your relationship. It can also help you discover things about each other like “they fart in their sleep”. But it’s not all cutesy and Instagram smiles. You have to plan out a million things and hope against hope that you get them right. Sometimes just the sheer mountain of questions and tasks can be so overwhelming.  

If just reading this has given you mild anxiety, then take a deep breath and check out our checklist of things to keep in mind while planning your next romantic getaway. 

1. The Location Equation

It’s time to sit with your wish-list of travel destinations and then visit the common one so that there’s plenty for each of you to do. So, you can make a list and work off the common destinations you want to visit. Remember it is a trip you are taking two-gether.  

2. Weigh That Stay

While traveling with your partner, your stay has to be simply perfect. And travelling as a young couple also means you need to make sure that your hotel is couple-friendly and doesn’t make you uncomfortable. And if you’re looking for a stay with features like assured privacy, hassle-free check-in and just a judgement free environment, goibibo couple friendly hotels are a great option for both budget and luxury stays.

3. Brew The New

When visiting a new place, try and indulge in the local food, art, and culture. This is the time to experiment with the new and let the excitement sway you away. Also, it’ll help to plan things you both want to do so you can save time too.  

4. The Balance Challenge

While it is a vacation that you are taking as a couple, it is important to give the other person some space. The trick here is to plan activities that balance out the us and me time.  

5. Plan For Disasters

There are things that can happen that are potential trip ruiners. Like not being able to visit the one of the places on your checklist because you need advance booking. Or not being allowed to check-in the hotel you booked because you’re unmarried. Make sure that you plan for certain eventualities. For example you could book a room from goibibo couple friendly hotels  where you can enjoy with your bae with absolutely no questions asked. At least that is one less thing that can spoil your trip.

6. The Money Matters

While it is important to keep track of the budget, make sure it doesn’t become an obsession. Have a conversation and decide on where you want to cut corners and where you want to splurge a bit. Because what else are vacations for and while booking on goibibo, you get quality options whatever be your pocket size and budget.

So, get on with your travel destination wishlist and start planning your winter vacation cuddles now!

Happy Travelling.