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We’d be lying if we said we don’t dream of the turquoise blue waves gently lulling us to sleep at a distant beach in Goa at least once every week. Now let’s say we finally are able to make a plan, sort the calendars with our friends, and make reservations. But by some evil twist of fate, the trip still gets cancelled at the last minute, and we have to unbook everything — well, the worst has happened!

Planning a decent trip can potentially turn into a nightmare if we aren’t prepared for some last-minute sticky situations that might ruin all the fun. Especially, given the times we’re in, as much as we would like to chill at a beach, sipping on Piña Coladas with our friends, we need to be prepared for the odds as well. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about this anymore because MakeMyTrip has got us covered and is making sure #JoHogaWOWHoga with their super flexible features and smart travel offerings. Check this fun video out to see what we mean.

Not gonna lie, but sometimes we simply get thrown off by the outrageously high fares of the flight tickets. But that shouldn’t be any reason for us to not take the trip. Especially when we have MakeMyTrip’s Flight Price Lock feature which gives us the power to lock fares at a minimal fee that gets adjusted to the ticket price. This way we can freely schedule our flights without the fear of a subsequent rise in fares. 

Being on the waitlist is another common problem we may face as travellers that may decide whether we can finally take the trip or not. Enter MakeMyTrip’s Trip Guarantee feature, which makes sure that our waitlisted booking doesn’t vanish in thin air if our seat remains unconfirmed even after the chart has been prepared. This feature gives us a 3X value back against our unconfirmed ticket, by fetching us last-minute alternate travel options via flight, cabs, and bus, or re-scheduling our train journey. 

And once we’re back from our long-relaxed holiday, we can access all the data we need regarding our past or upcoming trips and manage them efficiently with the My Trips section on the MakeMyTrip App and website. From check-in, check-out details to refund requests and invoices, this neat, easy-to-use section gives us a centralized view and control of all our travel-related information in just a click. You can click here for more information.

In fact, they even have 100% refund plans on last-minute cancellations on over 50,000 hotels, villas, and homestays that we can choose from. Isn’t that amazing? 

BRB! Need to pack.