When you are visiting a foreign land for the first time, it’s kind of a bummer when you mispronounce the name of their place incorrectly. 

From small towns to international hubs, next time when you want to blend in quickly with the locals and avoid any blunders, keep this post handy of places you have probably been mispronouncing your entire life.

1. Seoul, South Korea

Don’t Say: see-oohl

Say: soul

2. Phuket, Thailand

Don’t Say: foo-ket

Say: poo-get

3. Beijing, China

Don’t Say: bay-zhinngg

Say: bey-jing

4. Colombia, South America

Don’t Say: co-lum-bee-uh

Say: co-logm-bee-uh

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Don’t Say: du-bye

Say: du-bay

6. Iraq, Middle East

Don’t Say: eye-rack

Say: ee-rock

Scoop Empire

7. Qatar, Middle East

Don’t Say: kuh-tar

Say: cut-ter


8. Greenwich, London

Don’t Say: green-witch
Say: gren-itch

University Of Greenwich

 9. Budapest, Hungary

Don’t Say: boo-duh-pest

Say: boo-duh-pesht

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Don’t Say: edin-borough

Say: edin-bur


11. Melbourne, Australia

Don’t Say: mel-born

Say: melb’n

 12. Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t Say: bang-cock

Say: bong-gawk

13. Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea

Don’t Say: i-bee-zuh

Say: eye-bee-thuh

14. Oregon, Western United States

Don’t Say: or-eh-gone

Say: or-eh-gun

15. Cannes, France

Don’t Say: Cans

Say: Can

Misadventures With Andi

16. Gstaad, Switzerland

Don’t Say: guh-stahd

Say: shtot

17. Reykjavik, Iceland 

Don’t Say: rake-ja-vik

Say: rey-kya-vik

Radisson Blu

18. Brisbane, Queensland

Don’t Say: bris-bayne

Say: bris’bn


19. Montreal, Canada

Don’t Say: mon-tree-all

Say: mun-tree-all

Trip Advisor

20. Lafayette, Pennsylvania

Don’t Say: lah-fey-et

Say: laff-ee-yet


21. Niger, West Africa

Don’t Say: nye-jer

Say: nee-zhair

Nations Online

22. Pakistan, South Asia

Don’t Say: pak-uh/ee-stan

Say: pah-kee-stahn

23. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Don’t Say: mack-uh-nack

Say: mack-uh-naw


24. Louisville, Kentucky 

Don’t Say: loo-iss-vill

Say: loo-i-vul

Lane Report

25. Tijuana, Mexico 

Don’t Say: tee-uh-wan-na

Say: tee-whanna


How many did you already know?