There are certain places and experiences around the world we’ve all heard of, but for a few of us realists, seem out of reach. If it were the splendour of partying in Las Vegas or the intimidating Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon, which might happen to be one of those spots that you were really digging on. Well, we can help make one of these happen for you. Or at least, the next best thing.

Fret not. Head out to Gandikota, India’s Grand Canyon.

We’re talking about scenic settings split right out of postcards.

Red granite stone walls of a seemingly unconquerable fort, beautiful temple ruins out of history and a gorge that spans across as majestic as you would imagine it. Such is the hidden wonder of Gandikota that so many call the “Indian Grand Canyon.”


A breathtaking view no less than the Arizona canyon awaits the pleasure of your company.

The Gandikota fort ruins lie on the banks of the Pennar river just 15 kms off of the Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh, and are one of the best lost treasures that the average traveller never knew about. The fort fills its features with a 101 bastions over 40 feet high, and the gorge that stands at about 300 feet above the river.

The drive out to this desolate and remote location is one for the records. You’d want to check it out.

Although the fort is just a few kilometers from the nearest railway station in Muddanuru in Andhra Pradesh, we would suggest you take the scenic route through the national highway towards this beautiful location and check out the really stunning landscape and sites along the way, from Bangalore.

A huge field full of wind mills, a breathtaking view of the sunset on the edge and trekking trails make Gandikota a haven for the fearless traveller.

Ruins of a fort almost a millennium old, an adventurous hike up to the Ranganatha Swamy Temple with its intricate wall carvings, and heritage sites and surreal works of nature are all but a few splendours that litter this haven. In fact, the fort also houses ruins of a historic jail with some really gnarl-y stories about it. Check it out.

The maze-like network of the caves of Belum offers the perfect playground to the valorous adventurer.

Apart from all the historic sites, Gandikota and its surrounding area is a collection of scenic sites and aesthetic viewpoints. One could drive around the nearby village to check out the local culture or spend the whole day trekking across the fort ruins and down the gorge toward the river. Your pick.

Gandikota is a true hidden wonder, and the more you find to your liking, the more you realise how undiscovered it has been left. Be the first one of us, and head out on a real adventure. One that few of us have embarked on, and most of us have no idea of. You could well be Gandikota’s Columbus.

First ones in.

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