Game of Thrones is now almost into its last season and all throughout the series, the showrunners have impressed us with grand locations. The sets of GoT are simply surreal and spectacular and every GoT fan has wanted to visit these sets at least once to recreate their favourite scene. By now, we all know the places where GoT has been shot and they are simply phenomenal. However, just because they were shot in a foreign land doesn’t mean you cannot experience them in India itself. Here are a few places that replicate the grandeur of the GoT sets:

1. Jaisalmer – Qarth

Jaisalmer is a city locked in time with its grand palaces and overall ancient look. It aptly resembles Qarth – the greatest city that ever was or will be. Moreover, the sand dunes surrounding the city are a mirror image of the ‘Red Waste’ that surrounds Qarth. Take a tour of this city to relive Khaleesi’s journey among the impressive buildings of Qarth.


 Jaisalmer really can pass off for Qarth.


2. Sea Arch, Andaman island – Azure Window (Daenerys and Khal Drogo got married here)

Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s was one of the most revered love stories on the show. Their marriage was no less of a spectacle either. It took place in a beautiful backdrop of the Azure Window which has sadly sunk now. However, India has its own version of the Azure Window in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Visit Sea Arch with your partner to rekindle the bond.


 This hits close to Azure Window.


3. Bangalore Palace – Highgarden

When you think of Highgarden, you imagine lush greenery and beauty all around complete with exquisite flowers. Good news is, Bangalore palace doesn’t disappoint. It’s majesty and beauty coupled with Bangalore’s weather make it a perfect substitute for Olenna Tyrell’s Highgarden.


 A real life Highgarden would truly be like Bangalore Palace.

4. The mountainous roads of Tawang – Way to the Eyrie

Catelyn Stark’s journey to Lysa Arryn’s castle was fascinating to see the least. The serpentine roads that led to the eyrie were so mesmerising that one would totally love to trek across them. Turns out, the roads that lead to Tawang offer a similar adventure. Just like the Eyrie, these places are picturesque and difficult to access.


 Going through these mountains will be quite close to this experience.


5. Key Monastery, Spiti Valley – Winterfell

Winterfell is one of those dream locations for someone who is completely in love with snow covered places. In the 7th season when winter has finally arrived, Winterfell is a sight to behold and Key Monastery does complete justice to the landscape. Visit this place to feel like a Stark and who knows you might even chance upon a direwolf.


 Who knew Winterfell could be in India?


6. Fatehpur Sikri – Sept of Baelor

The Sept of Baelor was a spectacle, until of course it was blown up by Cersei. Fatehpur Sikri in Agra is a majestic monument that stands tall just like the Sept and you get all the chills of the last scene if you imagine yourself inside the building.


 Rings a bell about the real Sept of Baelor.


7. Udaipur – Dorne

A scene in Dorne could have just been shot in Udaipur and you wouldn’t ever know, that is how similar these two places are. Just like Dorne, Udaipur is punctuated with lakes, palaces and beautiful gardens. 


 This looks exactly like Dorne from the show.


8. Ladakh – Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall, there’s only snow and lifeless arid regions for miles and miles, yet it is simply breathtaking to watch. Ladakh could transport you into the den of white walkers in a moment with its stark similarity to the landscape beyond the wall.


 Given the similarity, Ladakh might just have white walkers.


9. Murud Janjira Fort, Maharashtra – Dragonstone

Well, Daenerys Targaryen is finally here to claim her right to the iron throne. The forts in Maharashtra can easily pass for Dragonstone and how we wish we could see some dragons hovering over the sky of this fort or for that matter, we wouldn’t mind truck loads of dragonglass either.


We can safely call Murid Janjira Fort the Dragonstone of India.


10. Varanasi – Braavos

The river city of Braavos finds its counterpart in Varanasi. The look and feel of the two cities with countless stairs and busy streets is just about the same. There are other similarities too – Braavos was the seat of learning for Arya and Varanasi has served a similar purpose for countless Indians. 


 The real Braavos is so similar.


11. Ladakh Plains – Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki may be champions with their fighting skills but up until Daenerys came to their rescue, the Dothraki couldn’t cross actual seas. Sea to them meant these vast grasslands that only they could navigate. The plains of Ladakh give a glimpse of the Dothraki sea and you can almost recount the scene where Daenerys was held captive by Dothrakis.


 The Dothraki would love these plains too as theirs look so similar.


So, plan a trip to these places soon and show off your fandom the Indian way.