Your 20s really are going to be the golden era of your youth. Most of the elders have probably already told you about this (at least the cool ones), and this is the time when you get to experiment, go wild, and run carefree for better or worse. Do this before you get thrown into the grind trying to survive for the rest of your life; thrive, my child.

Here are 20 destinations that you should visit when in your 20s. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well there’s enough to Amsterdam’s scenery than the average red light district. *Wink, wink.* The city has an ample number of student hostels and couch surfers willing to offer a bed and some decent company. Clubs, burlesques, tourist sites and a bit of the medical herb make Amsterdam a must travel spot in your 20s.

2. Juqueí, Brazil

South American culture and heritage are young at heart and the people here are extremely fun and easy going. If you can head out to Rio de Janeiro during the famous carnival, you might just get to experience Brazil at its best in terms of art, culture, food and folk. But we suggest quiet seaside town of Juqueí, for its quiet and sea food. Brazilian people are known to be extremely hospitable and fun loving. Be nice now.

3. Lobito Bay, Angola

With spots like Lobito Bay sitting on the edge of the Atlantic ocean, Angola has a lot to offer to thrill seekers and chiller folk. The bay is a popular spot for anglers and plethora of other water adventure sports. Plus, where else would you go flaunt that beach body you’ve been working on.

4. Shikoku, Japan

Whether it’s Tokyo, Okinawa Island, or the rarely travelled to, Shikoku, Japan has everything from rich culture and heritage, to the most modernised towns and people. It’s a different world out there. Head out to the bigger cities and experience the night life, or toward the island villages to check out local cuisine and customs. Japan has one of the best experiences to offer to a youngster.

5. Hong Kong, China

We would’ve said China, but Hong Kong is a far better bet if you’re looking for a fun time. The streets are littered with markets that look more like an average carnival than anything else, and the night life is banging. Hong Kong is the perfect mix between the city life and far to fetch spaces considering that the bay is diverse and a mixed bag. And, you can easily walk around for most of the travel.

6. Las Vegas, United States

Let’s say you’re a rich kid, and you want a huge blow out. Why not? Las Vegas, Nevada, happens to be the one spot that doesn’t require much of an introduction or explanation. Party hard, splurge, gamble and chill for the most part. We’ve heard what happens there, stays there. No judgement.

7. Eilat, Israel

For the one’s with a search for perspective, Israel would be one of the most beneficial experiences in your life. Eilat is the more quaint village as compared to the big city of Tel Aviv, where the desert meets the ocean and the weather is always perfect. From the concurrence of religions and culture across history, to the historical sites and way of life of the general populace, Israel might not be for everyone. But if you’re one of them, your 20s are the best age to go visit.

8. Montreal, Canada

With places like Montreal and Toronto, Canada is an amazing melting pot of arts, particularly music. Head over to the bigger festivals like the International Jazz Fest, or the busker street in Montreal, and you would be left with an impression of the country quite the contrary to popular imagery.

9. South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

We’re throwing this into the mix, for Zambia’s ecology and adventure edge. Not unlike most of its sisters within the African continent, African culture and the landscape itself are breath taking. For a taste of the country’s wildlife and some forest adventure, head out to the South Luangwa National Park, and you’d be far from disappointed. The idea is to be in the moment.

10. Narvik, Norway

There’s good reason why Norway is considered to be one of the best countries in the world to live in. With a healthy amount of young students and travellers, Norway is a good spot to couch surf through and chill out. Head over to Narvik if you want to check out the amazing Aurora lights and ski on mountain slopes. Or, just head to Oslo and party hard; your pick.

11. La Paz, Bolivia

At 3000 meters above sea level, La Paz is for the adventurous wandered. If partying and night clubs aren’t your thing, La Paz is the place to head out to. Nestled between the Andes the city has the amazing aura of a town modernised directly from a few centuries ago. Check out the witches’ market to buy things you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world.

12. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia is the longest rail route in the world and is also considered by most experienced travellers as the best way to experience Russia. If you like the locomotive, and Russia, this is perhaps the best fit for your travel journal to go all loco with. While you’re at it, make some friends. We all know Russians are simply the coolest and craziest mofos on the planet.

13. Beirut, Lebanon

Colloquially referred to as the “Paris of the middle-east,” Beirut is the next best thing. Both in terms of budgets and viability. Lebanon’s night life is one for the records, and anyone who has ever been there will testify to the fact that the Lebanese folk really know how to party the night away. Get some of your closest friends and absolutely kill this one.

14. Rumbur Valley, Pakistan

Another fit for the explorer; Rumbur Valley is an amazingly quaint and picturesque valley on the other side of our border. Set yourself up to leave everything behind and go all ‘Cast Away‘ with this serene little spot, because you’ll spending your days without cellphone network, newspapers or electricity. Rumbur has a plethora of adventure activities, unique culture and scenic beauty. Just do it.

15. Gothenburg, Sweden

Now that you’ve head out to the best places in the world, here’s one of the friendliest counties in the world. Another city with a huge amount of diversity and focus on culture and arts, Gothenburg’s music scene, architecture and food are not to be rivalled by cities across the world. Plus, the weather there is always amazing is what we’ve heard.

16. Baku, Azerbaijan

For the perfect cultural and historical experience, Baku in Azerbaijan is a concurrence of rich old and the new age modern traditions. Baku is a town with the perfect blend of the ancient Persian architecture and culture, and the new age world, with the city primarily made mostly out of stone and boasting sports cars on its streets. The markets, the streets and the fairly modern youngsters make the city a really unique world all to itself.

17. Tasmania, Australia

Head over to the Bay of Fires with its turquoise coloured waters and beaches that were pulled straight out of vacation postcards. One of the quieter and lesser travelled-to coasts in the country, the Bay of Fires offers guided tours around the location. Although, we’d suggest you read more about the flora and fauna, and head out for a bit of a solo exploration mission.

18. Bagan, Myanmar

A fair rival to the Angkor temple town in terms of heritage and history, Bagan is for those looking forward to breaking tradition, and heading over to a spot more quiet and relatively untouched. If you’re one of those internally framed travellers who was looking forward to a trip where you could apply yourself to historical exploration, Bagan is the spot.

19. Kharkhorin, Mangolia

In the heart of Mongolia is one of the most remote locations in the world. We’re talking about a country with the smallest population density in the world, the perfect place to fall off the grid. Kharkhorin, the original capital from Genghis Khan’s rule, is an amazing reflection of Mongolia’s history, culture and tradition. Check out the ruins of the old city and chill with the locals. Party Mongolian style and you’ll realise what partying truly means. 

Note: Don’t go crazy with the fermented milk, that shit’ll hit you full power.

20. Paris, France

Fine, one for the record. Paris like a few of the cities on this list, requires little introduction, but it deserved a spot since it is one of the most chilled out cities in the world. The citizens usually speak nothing other than Français, and you’re going to be expected to help yourself around the city. But, then again there is more to be explored in this city, caught between history and modernisation, than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Party hard you!

The time is nigh.

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