Right from reading poetries about Kashmir to watching movies shot there, we’ve always been reminded of the place’s timeless beauty. 

And everybody who visits there would be ecstatic to see it for themselves and would have a lot to say but not as much as this confident tiny-tot. 

Imtiyaz Hussain, a police officer from Jammu and Kashmir, posted a video of a young girl Kaushika talking about the small things in Kashmir that made her heart happy.

Hearing her talk about her love for the Tulip garden, snow-clad mountains, and boathouse, amidst other things will make you plan your next trip there!

Nonetheless, amidst all her praises for the place, she does have a gripe. She went there to touch snow but couldn’t witness it. Aww. 

This girl’s innocence finely blended with confidence which is mirrored in her beautiful oration has made the Twitterati her fan.

It’s beautiful how kids can notice details in ways many cannot.