India is a land of diverse cultures, people, religions and traditions. All of this beautifully combined across 28 Indian states and 8 UTs. The names of which also have interesting stories behind them.

Let’s see how Indian states got their names.

Apart from the one mentioned above, there is a saying that ages ago thirty six families of Dalits (leather workers) emigrated southwards from Jarasandha’s kingdom and established themselves in country and called it Chhattisgarh. Another common explanation regarding the origins of the name Chhattisgarh is that it denotes the number of forts in the region, which are supposed to be 36 in number.

Another explanation says that Haryana comes from ‘Haribanka’, connected with the worship of Hari, the Lord Indra. Since the tract is a dry one; its people worship Indra (Hari) always for rain.

Another theory says that Keralam may stem from the Tamil word ‘chera-alam’.

How many of these did you know?

Creatives by: Shanu Ketholia