Mumbai is known as the city of dreams but it also has a dark, spooky side to it that many are not aware of. This mega-city has its own share of horror stories that can send chills down your spine and leave you horrified and pale. So, here are the 10 most haunted places in Mumbai that you should definitely stay away from after dark. 

1.  Aarey Milk Colony

Beware of a lady with a kid asking for a lift. 

If you are passing through the posh streets of Aarey Milk Colony you may come across a lady with a kid asking for a lift. Eye witnesses say that the uncanny lady disappears after a while, scaring the shit out of you. Most people have the same story to tell, including, the residents of this colony.

2. Mukesh Mills

Several Bollywood films have been filmed here but crew members felt uneasy. 

In 1870, Mukesh Mill was abandoned after a fire broke out. Now, visitors often complain about feeling weird or uneasy, seeing mysterious shadows and getting a strange sensation. Shootings of several Hindi movies have also taken place here but most of the crew members end up feeling uncomfortable in this eerie environment.

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

You might see a hazy shadow of a hitchhiker that gradually disappears into thin air. 

This biosphere reserve and trekking site is now also termed as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. People have reported seeing a hazy shadow of a hitchhiker that gradually disappears into thin air. The forest guards also have the same story to tell. The park is still one of the most visited parks in the world, despite being haunted.

4. Mumbai High Court

The spirit of a bingligual lawyer still lives in one of the court rooms. 

It is believed that one court room of the Mumbai High Court is haunted by a bilingual ghost of a lawyer who scares the convict to the extent that he/she ends up owning up to the crime committed.

5. Vrindavan Society

Night guards of this society claim to have been slapped by an unknown entity. 

This is one of the posh societies of the city but it has also bagged the title of being one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. Residents believe that a spirit of man who committed suicide is haunting the society. Even the night guards complain about being slapped by an unknown entity.

6. Nasserganj Wadi

The spirit of a Parsi man, who was burnt alive still haunts the streets of this village. 

Nasserganj Wadi is a small village located near Mahim railway station and it is also labelled as one of the haunted places in Mumbai. It is believed that a local Parsi man named Nasser was burnt alive at this very spot. Now, his spirit keeps a watch on his property, injuring and tormenting anyone who obstructs his path. People claim that the tormented spirit acts violently against those who trespass on his property.

7. 8th Floor, Grand Paradi Towers

About 20 residents committed suicide from this building. 

Located in the posh Malabar Hills of Mumbai, The Grand Paradi Towers is infamous for the number of suicides that have taken place here. This building was constructed in the 1970s but, a number of flats in the buildings continue to remain vacant. It is said that about 20 residents have jumped to their deaths, many of whom belonged to the same family. In a bid to ward off evil spirits, residents have held italicize pujas but nothing seems to work. This tower is still said to be ‘cursed’ and people like to keep their distance.

8. D’Souza Chawl

The spirit of a woman who fell into a well still haunts this place. 

D’Souza Chawl is known as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. It is believed that a spirit of a woman who fell into a well and died still haunts this place. People claim that her spirit now dwells around that well and haunts the locals after sun down. So, it is best to stay away from this haunted spot.

9. Road To Marve And Madh Island

The spirit of a young bride haunts this road. 

This is one of the most scenic stretches in the city but it is also considered to be terribly haunted. It is believed that the spirit of a young bride haunts the road, especially on full moon nights. The spirit tortures and obstructs the path of vehicles passing by which often leads to fatal accidents, adding to the creepiness of the area.

10.  St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri

The spirit of a ghost bride torments dwellers and trespassers of the area.

This church was built in 1579 and was abandoned in 1840, due to an epidemic. Local residents narrate the tale of a ghost bride who used to torment dwellers and trespassers of the area. An exorcism was performed in 1977, to get rid of the evil spirit and eye witnesses claim that they heard shrieking and screaming, followed by the sound of a splash in a nearby pond, marking the bride’s second death.

Are you spooked out?