China is known for its street food just the way it is known for its rich culture and historical sites. Street food is quite popular among the locals and if you are in China here are 8 delicacies that you should definitely try out while you are there because, why not?

1. Deep-Fried Dough Sticks

These golden deep-fried sticks look like bread sticks and they are a popular food for breakfast in China. It is commonly had with soy milk, rice or bean porridge.

2. Steamed Buns

This is yet another popular food for breakfast in China. It comes with meat or vegetable stuffing that is delicious and irresistible.

3. Chinese Tea Eggs

These are also known as marble eggs and it is yet another famous street food that is worth trying out. It is eaten as a snack in China and in Taiwan. There are different flavors of Chinese tea eggs that you can try depending on what spices you want.

4. Stinky Tofu

This tofu has a strong odor as it is fermented. It is made from soybeans and you can find it mostly in lunch bars, night markets and roadside stands. So, if you like tofu then you can give this version of tofu a try.

5. Cold Rice Noodles

This is a popular summer street dish that is a little spicy. It is common in Shaanxi province of China and it is made using rice noodles and spicy sauces bean sprouts that is used as a side dish.

6. Chicken and Duck Feet

The taste of this dish is savory but spicy. It is served as an appetizer and can also be had with pickled chilly and barbecue sauce.

7. Chinese Dumplings

These dumplings are stuffed with vegetables, meat or jiaozi. It is a common street food and is shaped like ancient ingots. It is often shallow fried or deep fired and eaten with a dip of soy-vinegar for flavor.

8. Chinese Hamburgers

This is a Chinese version of the American burger, except the buns are thinner and topped with meat gravy and chilli paste rather than ketchup and mustard.

Don’t stop yourself from trying out these delicacies.