We all like flying. It means we’re either headed somewhere new and exciting, or that we’re headed home. In fact, the very experience of human flight is also rather thrilling for some of us. And once this thrill is done and over with, that little piece of paper that got you there – the boarding pass – may no longer seem important to you, but don’t make the mistake of carelessly tossing it into the bin. CBS reported to warn passengers of the risks.

Your boarding pass, even though the journey is over, remains a document that contains your sensitive private information. I’m not talking just about your name and flight number on it in text. The bar code on every boarding pass, which is scanned as every passenger is let onto the plane, can leave private details about your identity from phone number to personal email ID, and even your home address vulnerable to outside threat!

The CBS news team consulted forensic experts that explained exactly how the information on one’s boarding pass can be used against them in criminal activity ranging from hacking of one’s frequent flyer account to identity theft.

Watch the complete CBS video here:

So the next time you finish your journey, make sure you hold on to that boarding pass like you would your passport. And maybe even make a little file with all your boarding pass stubs! As important as they are, they’d also serve well to take you back in time when you come across them years form now and reminisce about your adventures.