November is a great month. The festivals are over and the weather is amazing because it is just right – neither hot nor cold. So it is a good time to do a lot of good things, you know, get married, have picnics, travel.

Traveling in India in the month of November is a great option because a lot of destinations become favorable in terms of the season, weather and crowd. Here are 10 destinations you should consider if you want to travel this November. 

1. Dharamshala

Right before the snowfalls begin, November makes for a very serene and calm time in these mountains. Since the off season is about to begin, you will not face a lot of the tourist crowd that flocks all the attractions in summers. 


2. Goa

And if there is someplace you want to go which is not off season, go Goa baby – the parties are alive, the shacks are decked up, the beaches are teeming. And the weather is good (we are talking shorts and colorful vests all the way). And if you aren’t one for the crowd, head to south Goa and enjoy some me-time in the pristine beaches.  


3. Pondicherry

In this small settlement, pass your afternoons lazing at the cafes, or cycling around the beach and the beautiful houses. In the evening, choose a rooftop cafe and have some mellow time with a nice glass of wine or you can just sit at the beach and watch the waves crash into the rocks – very soothing.


4. Munnar

The cool weather is just about setting in and the chill in the air is quite enjoyable. In the morning, the sunlight adds a great flavor to that nip in the air and makes for a perfect weather to go enjoy the tea gardens, the church, and the hills. Don’t forget to hoard a lot of tea, spices, and of course, coffee. 


5. Kashmir

The tickets are cheap, the weather is amazing, and it is Kashmir for crying out loud – heaven on earth at a time when the valleys and the mountains are at their peaceful best. You can add a dash of adventure with various sporting events that happen at this time as well. What more do you need from a small vacay?


6.  Pushkar

This place really comes to life in November – what with the Pushkar Mela, that has kickstarted already, and goes on till November 4, and the various temples in the area. Rush to the place and soak in the Rajasthani culture, the camel fair and the eternal desert. 


7. Hampi

The pleasant weather of Karnataka gets multiplied in November and Hampi, like Coorg, becomes a great place to visit. The temples and the architecture are quite a sight to behold. Explore the land at your own pace and you will find delight in the marvels made in stone. 


8. Coorg

Another jewel that Karnataka boasts of, Coorg is a hill station that is home to the Kodavas tribe and amazing coffee. Oh, did we mention the picturesque natural beauty that will have you gaping at every turn? No wonder it is called the Scotland of India. 


9. Varanasi 

The Dev Deepawali festival takes place here, and with that, you can expect many little diyas lighting up the banks of River Ganga. Not just that, you can also enjoy the cultural performances, ranging from music to dance to art.  


10. Sundarbans

The rains are gone, and the weather calls out to winter. The forests are welcoming, lush, and the river, with the banks of mangroves on each side, is very inviting. The resident animal population is a sight to behold. Trust me, this is one trip you will never forget. 


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