Public nudity is illegal in our country. So, naturally when we think about nude beaches, our mind automatically goes to foreign countries where nudity is and being comfortable in one’s own skin publicly is a little more welcome.   

But there are a few hidden gems in India where one can embrace their body without being conscious or shy. So, here is a list of nude beaches in India nobody knew about :   

1. Om Beach, Karnataka

Shaped like the ‘Om’ symbol, this beach attracts many nude visitors for a nice suntan. It also hosts a string of water sports activities and has two freshwater springs. 

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2. Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadweep   

Also known as the Topless Beach, this island is covered with palm, coconut trees, white sand and coral reefs. While you’d visit this beach, you’ll find several nudists. But, not everyone can just visit this exotic island, one needs special permission to visit the place. 


3. Ozran Beach, Goa

Despite the fact that thousands of people visit Goa every day, most of them don’t know about this beach. Most foreigners and hippies visit this secluded beach which makes it slightly easy for nudism to follow. This beach is a paradise for those who just want to quitely embrace the Goan vibe.    


4. Marari Beach, Kerala 

God’s own state has a secluded and lesser-known beach which apparently opens its arms to nudism. The beach is not known by many, so it’s isolated most of the time (as of now).            


5. Paradise Beach, Gokarna 

This one is an actual hidden gem since this beach is not accessible easily and the only way to reach it is via a boat. But if you ask a boatman to take you here, it might be a task since it’s a hippies paradise and the boatman can feel a little shy going there. However, if you reach there, you’d witness the clear blue waters and occasional nudist parties.  


What are you waiting for. Go visit these places.