If there’s one good thing that this horrid year has taught us, it is the value of travelling and how often we took this little joy for granted. 

While I was scrolling through my feed, I came across a wanderlusty, naturalist, nudist couple who loves to travel the world without any clothes. 

Nick & Lins are currently based in France and love to wander and discover new places. A virtual glimpse of their  trips can be seen on their Instagram page, naked_wanderings 

They clearly love being one with nature through their treks and hikes together!

It looks like they love being goofy on their journey of discovering new places: 

These naturalists are really taking date nights up a notch!

Just like Naked Wandering’s mantra, looks like everything including working out is better without clothes!

Kudos to this nudist couple for normalising roaming around the world naked,  without giving two hoots about what people think.