Sponsored by OLA

Truth be told, we sweat about the little things too much – right from taunting each other about our fashion choices and bodies to judging our relationships and social standings. Honestly, none of these even matter beyond a day or two. What matters is talking about and making efforts towards real problems like progress, development and most importantly, our environment.

The planet is choking on pollutants and the sooner we switch to smarter alternatives, the better.


Speaking of which, this video by Ola aptly sums up how we’re too obsessed with the useless issues. Honestly, I love how they’ve captured the typical Indian reactions, which make it funnier and relevant at the same time. Not to deviate from the fact that they’re actually encouraging us to make that smart move and opt for shared rides. This way at least, we’ll keep our cars at home and significantly reduce the pollution on roads. That’s right, this World Environment Day, they’re offering 1 lakh free share rides from 5th – 8th June! 

So that’s basically a dual benefit – you get a free ride and you make a move (literally, haha) to do your bit for the environment. That’s some initiative, Ola and we’re more than glad you took it up! #FarakPadtaHai