Saturday turned out to be a big surprise for everyone especially those who frequently travel via cabs in metropolitan cities. For the starters, since last night, various media reports had been reporting that India’s two leading cab aggregators, Ola and Uber, were in talks for a possible merger in San Francisco, US.

According to Economic Times, this is not the first time that such speculations are doing the rounds. Ola and Uber had previously held merger discussions four years ago. This happened when Softbank, the common investor for both the firms, had pushed for a merger.

Meanwhile, desis on Twitter have gone into a frenzy after the hearing the news. One Twitter user even introduced a possible name for the new company, ‘Ubla’.



If Ola and Uber merge, this will result in no competition, so they will automatically increase their charges to grow their business.


This is just formality. Majority of the drivers have already merged and have both Ola and Uber.


Meanwhile, Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has rubbished the reports of their merger. Reacting to Economic Times report, Aggarwal tweeted that Ola will “never merge”. Check out his tweet:

According to the same media report, Uber also responded to the news. “We are not, nor have we been, in merger talks with Ola,” said company’s spokesperson.