Only Those Who Have Been To Kota Can Score More Than 5 In This Quiz

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You know a few things only when you've been to a city and lived there for quite some time. And if it's Kota, watching both the seasons of Kota Factory will also help.

Take this quiz and we'll tell you how well you know Kota.

1. Which of these is a famous dhaba in Kota?

2. What does KST in Kota stands for?

3. Which of these is not a view from Kota?

4. Which of the following Bollywood films were shot in Kota?

5. Which of the following coaching institutes in not on Road No.1 in Kota?

6. Kota holds the Guiness World Record for?

7. Which of these bridges are in Kota?

8. Where is the Seven Wonders Park located?

9. How many buildings does Allen Career Institute have in Kota?

10. Which tiger reserve in India hosts both wildlife and water safaris for tourists?


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