It’s not uncommon to find chewing gum stuck to a bus seat or peanut shells piled beneath the train berth while traveling in India. Anyone who takes public transit, which the majority of middle-class Indians do, has likely encountered instances like these. 

We’ve nearly grown accustomed to seeing these commuting vehicles littered. Perhaps that’s why it was so easier for social media users to laugh off a tweet with a picture of a spit stain on a plane’s inside wall. A snapshot from a flight was recently shared on Twitter, showing what appears to be a patch of pan masala. 

While some users were amazed by the act, others criticised the person who had the nerve to do so. When it came to responding to the tweet, though, the majority of fellow users chose a hilarious route.

Here’s what they had to say:

It seems like someone took the tagline “bolo zubaan kesari” a little too seriously.