Have you ever wishfully thought of staying in a tree house? Well, I have. Multiple times in my life. Especially as a kid, you always wished to own a tree house, that was yours. A place where you could hide from your parents, and hold secret club meetings. If you did not get the chance to fulfill your fantasy, do not feel disheartened. Because we have found that perfect tree house for you. 

Located in a forested region of Vancouver Island, Free Spirit Spheres is a resort which allows the guests to stay in a place that you would have only dreamt of. Surrounded by dense flora and fauna, are wooden rooms, suspended on trees. 

Take a moment and stare at the picture below.

Look at it covered in snow.

This resort is the brainchild of Tom Chudleigh, who got inspired to build these round treehouses in the early 1990s.

“Architecture is a way of shaping and creating habitat to reflect a feeling and to harmonize with the environment. The sphere is a form of architecture that reflects that thought of unity and feeling of oneness. Where normal square/rectangular housing separates walls, floor and ceiling with hard lines and often color and material changes—in a sphere they all become one.”

Chudleigh explains

If you are wondering if this is comfortable, check these pictures out. The interiors are as beautiful. 

Starting at a price of $133 or Rs 8550 a night, the cozy interiors can house two people at a time, and includes a composting toilet and bathroom suite a couple of steps below, on the ground level.

Look at this beautifully engineered dome hanging in the air like a pendant. 

Ready to pack your bags and leave for Canada?