“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” – Peter Adams

After the invention of cameras, photography has always been a medium of restoring history and communicating with the world.  With the passage of time, it has also become one of the most powerful modes of communication which is why, today (19th August) is celebrated as World Photography Day, across the globe. On that note, here are 10 mind-blowing photographers to follow on Instagram for some serious inspiration because in the modern world, this day is dedicated to inspiring photographers across the planet to share their ‘world’ with the world.

1. Ilhan Eroglu (@ilhan1077)

IIhan is a traveler and photographer who likes taking wide angel shots that show the bigger picture. Like, literally! You won’t be able to keep track of time once you scroll through his feed. That’s for sure.

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2. Josh Packer (@packtography)

Josh Packer is a curious soul who likes to spend his time wandering the outdoors in the uncharted wilderness of Idaho. He derives his artistic inspiration from his natural surroundings and he is pretty good at what he does.

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3. Cocu Liu (@cocu_liu)

Cocu Liu takes photo walking tours around San Fransisco and with the help of his iPhone he manages to deliver cartoonishly-portrayed city streets in elegant, uncharacteristically muted colors which is quite impressive.

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4. Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen)

Paul is one of the most influential photographers who is also majorly known for contributing to National Geographic. He regularly updates his insta feed with images of nature and animals in their natural habitats. His insta feed will definitely introduce you the wildlife.

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5. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann is known for his unique style of photography. He gained insta-fame for taking photos of his wife “leading” the way on several vacations. 

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6. Chris Buckard (@chrisburkard)

Chris Buckard is an influential photographer who likes clicking nature in its best form. Some of his pictures are from the most spectacular places on earth so it goes without saying that some of his photographs are truly magical.

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7. Joshua Woods (@joshuawoods)

If the fashion world interests you the most, follow Joshua Woods, a fashion photographer who knows exactly how to click photographs that radiate a stylish, cool, vintage vibe.

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8. Victoria Siemer (@witchoria)

Victoria Siemer introduces abstract styles with supernatural overtones in her photographs. Her atmospheric images will surely intrigue you and fascinate you.

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9. Michael Yamashita (@yamashitaphoto)

Michael Yamashita is yet another influential photographer who also works as a photographer for National Geographic. He mostly captures the daily activities of life across Asia in his images that look so surreal and breath-taking.

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10. Steve McCurry (@stevemccurryofficial)

Steve is yet another Nat Geo photographer whose Insta bio reads that his body of work depicts conflicts, ancient traditions, and culture with a human element attached to it. All his photographs seem to have a soul which is why, his work was also featured by the “NY Times.”

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11. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante focuses on telling the story. He photographs breath-taking landscapes as background for human subjects.

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12. Jonpaul Douglass (@jonpauldouglass)

Jonpaul Douglass likes to incorporate humor and surrealism in his creative, design-driven photographs. He is now a successful commercial photographer who has worked with brand like Apple and Instagram.

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13. Maria Marie (@cestmaria)

Maria’s Instagram account is quirky, fun, colourful and full of energy. Her feed is filled with photographs of everyday things and situations in happy pastel colours that please the eye. It really shows us how colour can have an impact on our mood and design.

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14. Sophie Loghman (@sophlog)

Sophie captures the vibrant colours in her photographs. Her insta feed is bright and colourful so if you like ‘pop art-sy’ things, you should take inspiration from her feed.

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15. Dirk Bakker (@macenzo)

If you like to see symmetry, lines and patterns in a photograph, follow Dirk Bakker who is a graphic designer by profession. Going through his Insta feed will be a hypnotic and satisfying experience, for sure.

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Who is your favourite photographer?