Ever had that moment when you are just walking on a road or some alley in some corner of the world, and you turn a corner and come face to face with a beautiful street? It might not even be something that spectacular, but it just fills your heart with joy by its sheer simplicity or beauty. 

You might think otherwise but India has a lot of such streets to boast of. I mean, we are, after all, a colorful nation, diverse in every way possible, aren’t we? 

And if you have an inkling of doubt about that, the Instagram account, Streets Of India, will make you change your mind. They curate travel pictures from various Instagram handles, and pretty much make us want to go discover pretty streets on our own.  

Inspiration needed? Here some beauties from around our country.

Let’s start with this shot captured at Safdarjang Tomb, Delhi. 


Then there is this rain filled frame from Kolkata.

You see sights like these in streets of Varanasi. 


And these freeing moments at Yamuna Ghat.


And some sights will simply fill you with subtle contentment, like this one caught in Alleppey, Kerala.


A Sadhu in Varanasi.


These happy faces and beautiful landscapes await you in Ladakh.

This shot captured just in time, in Nagole, Telangana.


And did you know such screensaver sights exist off the shore of Maharashtra?


Or that Gujarat is home to such pretty walls and beautiful kids?


This shot was taken at Marina Beach, Chennai.


A bend in the road in Jammu & Kashmir can take your breath away. 

And the right turn on the right road in Assam might bring you to a capture like this one.


And when in Punjab, you have got to be in the wide fields. 


And the sun and the streets in Bikaner will enthrall you. 


And the streets of Kolkata will take you back in time.


And walking in Pondicherry will be like walking in a kaleidoscope of colors.

And then there is all this street art, making Delhi pretty.


 Who would have known that such a street exists in Neral in Maharashtra?


And the colorful streets in Lucknow will tell you of a time long gone by, in renewed colors.


Are you inspired enough to test your own photography skills out?