If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul. – Alphonse de Lamartine. 

For the past two weeks, that’s what I’ve been doing – gazing at Istanbul like a star-crossed lover. Thanks to the internet, of course. Let’s be real, we can’t afford to go there unless some wealthy sultan offered to sponsor the trip. 

So, I decided to share my misplaced sense of wanderlust with you today that we may be united together to fantasise about Istanbul. 

Because, come on, have you LOOKED at these pictures?! 

1. This is what it must feel like to be in an Arabian Nights’ story. 

b’Irish Times’

2. That’s the kind of wall you could lean on and not worry about a thing in the world!  


3. Just look at that hypnotising sunset and that majestic AF bird. There isn’t a sight in the world like it! I’ll bet my last buck on it.  

b’Stripes Europe’

4. This. Is. So. Lit. LITERALLY! 

b’Real Estate News Turkeyxc2xa0′

I mean who even cares about the Golden Bridge anymore?! 

5. Imagine being lost among these ruins… just imagine. 


6. These minarets can be seen from anywhere in the city; but, I’d much rather you just linger here for good. 

b’The Guardian UKxc2xa0′

7. Words do not begin to describe my fantastical amazement for Istanbul! 

b’Too Istanbul’

8. How can this East-meets-West-city be so vastly different and yet so similar?! 


9. This is NOT a painting. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A PAINTING! 

This is a TOUR! 

b’Big Busxc2xa0′

10. Just looking at this scene will make you feel like you’re being blessed by the gods.

b’Hurriyat Daily News’

11. This is what the dream world is made of; and it’s really a place! 

b’BT Istanbul’

12. This is NOT the cover of a book; this is a sight in Istanbul AND you can go here. 

b’Orange Smile’

13. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, THIS is what a park looks like in Istanbul. 

Never going back to the locality park again. 


14. What magical monument is this bewitching structure and can we not live here?! 

b’Istanbul Tourismxc2xa0′

15. You want to live and rule here; you know it! 

b’Istanbul Tourist Pass’

And also walk through those turquoise blue doors and take a lot of pictures. 

16. This is like the ultimate destination you’ve been working your sorry ass off for. 

b’We Travel With Love’

17. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t mind getting lost in these streets. At all!  

b’Culture Trip’

18. Once upon a time in a land far, far away… 


19. … you imagined living in a castle like this where the blue of the sky met the blue of the water and somehow, you didn’t drown and go to heaven…

b’Turkey Ministry Of Culture And Tourism’

20. Because, guess what, heaven was right there in the middle of the ocean and the sky! 

And you were there, too! 

b’Connections Istanbul’

21. Gist: Heaven is a place on Earth. And it is called Istanbul! 

b’Independent UKxc2xa0′


b’Kayak Istanbul’

23. Imagine dining at this place! 

b’Mercure Istanbul’

24. And eating Turkish delicacies… 

b’Turkey Ministry Of Culture And Tourism’

25. I know you could frame this up but wouldn’t you want be IN that frame?!!

b’Tulip City’

26. That’s it! Red is now the best colour in the world and sunsets are worth living and dying for. 

b’Lonely Planet’

27. Or we could very well just live on a boat that is docked at this city for good. Works! 

b’Riot Games’


b’Turkey Tourism’

29. Someone please hand me a tissue box as I cry my eyes out over this beauty that I desperately want to witness! 

b’Turkey Tourism’

30. Sunsets have NEVER – I repeat, NEVER – looked this breathtaking. PERIOD! 

I just gasped and my heart just skipped a beat. 

b’Great Istanbul’

31. Time travel is real and it transports you straight to Istanbul! 


32. If all you did was walk for the rest of your life on this road, would it be such a bad life? 

I think not. 

b’Matador Network’

33. Or stand at these railings and peak over the Bosphorous – that would be a good way to live, yes. 

b’Gets Ready’

34. Or waking up to this every single day for the rest of your entire life. Yep. Where do we sign up? 

b’Pulsar Tours’

35. JUST when you thought you had seen all the beauty of the land… BAM! THIS! 

b’Inspirations Travel’

36. These streets are the ones poets write about and musicians sing about! 


37. I will live on the street that is in front of this magnificent structure as a street urchin if I have to! 

b’Dream Of Holiday’

I’m ready to run away to Istanbul and live out the rest of my days there. 

My life’s mission will then be complete!