It’s pretty damn hard to really stand out in the world of Instagram these days. You’ve either gotta be mad rich and show off your designer steez or actually have pictures of substance, photos that are really out there. For Maria Pettersson, that seems to be as easy as a breeze. This Swede pilot has been putting up some stunning pictures of herself and her crew straight from the cockpit of their planes, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that dislikes them!

Check it!

The kind of view you can kill for…almost. 


The sky is the limit! 


 “Initiate hyperspeed!”



This isn’t a shot a lot of people get to take! 



Chillin’ like some real Gs!

Maria isn’t just a pro at flying planes and taking pictures however, she’s also a bit of a fitness freak, as is evident from her contortions below! 




In a social space where most people tend to show off their latest spends, Maria spends her time showcasing a little-known (and highly amusing) side of a pilot’s life, and adding a nice amount of positive vibes while at it. She just gave me a whole dollop of wanderlust, along with a very real need to go, “what does this button do?”, while looking at those cockpit snaps!