There are some gorgeous places that exist on this planet, and then there are those jaw-dropping marvels that look like they belong to another planet, altogether. This article is about the second bit. Take a look. 

1. The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

These weirdly shaped rocks have formed as a result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption.

2. Spotted Lake, Canada

This is a saline endorheic alkali lake that's richly concentrated with various minerals. 

3. Thor's Well, USA

Also known as the Drainpipe of the Pacific, this gigantic hole in the rock seems to drain the ocean away.

4. Pamukkale, Turkey

This tiny town in western Turkey is known for the mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white travertine terraces on nearby hills.

5. Badab-e-Surt, Iran

This gorgeous place is a natural site in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. It's a rare geological masterpiece, formed during the Pleistocene and Pliocene epochs.

6. The Tianzi Mountains, China

These tall pillars were known as "Qingyan Mountain" for green stones. The Mountains were formed about 400 million years ago through irregular rising patterns of the Earth's crust, and with about 318 million years of erosion. 

7. Socotra Island, Yemen

Socotra Island is one of the most isolated landforms on Earth. The island is very isolated and is home to a high number of endemic species. 

8. The Hand In The Desert, Chile

This giant sculpture was constructed by a Chilean sculptor named Mario Irarrázabal at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. It's made up of iron and concrete, and it is 36 feet tall.

9. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation. There are about 1,260 hills and they are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, that's where it derives its name from. 

11. Goblin Valley State Park, USA

This state park is home to thousands of goblins, which are formations of mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles, some as tall as several yards.

12. Fly Geyser, USA

Fly Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that was accidentally created in 1964 in Washoe County, Nevada, while drilling to search for geothermal energy sources.

13. Marble Caves, Chile

These calcium carbonate cliffs have eroded with water to create a highly unusual & beautiful cave system.

14. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This breathtaking place is known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. 

15. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Hang Son Doong is a 3 million-year-old cave that was discovered only a decade ago. It is also the world's largest cave. 

16. Die Rakotzbrück, Germany

Also known as the 'Devil's bridge', this bridge was constructed in the 19th century. It is famed for its unique construction accuracy, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from. 

17. Painted Hills, Oregon 

Here, the presence of minerals stain the hills in myriad hues. The ever changing light and moisture levels also affect the colour of the hills and it appears to be painted. 

18.  Crooked Forest, Poland

You'll come across these oddly-shaped pine trees outside Nowe Czarnowo near the town of Gryfino in West Pomerania. Till now, there's no scientific explanation for the weird shape of these trees.