The art of photography has evolved, and photographers these days are willing to go to mental lengths in order to one up each other. One I thing I do know for sure is, if I was even remotely into the art, I would’ve wanted to hit up Potato Chip Rock in San Diego, USA. If you’re wondering about the name, there’s no real deep story behind it, it’s just this rock that slashes out into the abyss and is shaped like a freakin’ potato chip.

Check it out!



As you can see, the place lends itself to some great clicks. Getting there isn’t the easiest though, as it’s located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California.  


The trail leading to this precarious edge is called the Mount Woodson hike, which, once completed, rewards you with this rock that looks like it’ll crack like a potato chip. Don’t stress though, the rock is pretty tough. 




When it comes right down to it though, this rock is actually located around 10 feet up, and these sick clicks all depend on the angle.


Who’s hungry?

Image Source: Brightside