You would think that to sit by a pristine beach, miles away, and staring at the faraway setting sun, you will have to get a stamp on your passport and travel somewhere abroad. 

Well, no. Because as surprising as it may sound, India has some very beautiful, very clean, pristine beaches for you to relax on as well. And if you have doubts, venture to these mentioned below and find out for yourself. 

1. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Half an hour away from Pondicherry lies this wide expanse of blue water, seclusion, and peace. No reason to miss this. Sit for hours, take a dip, introspect…just make it in time for the last ferry back.


2. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar

Named one of the best beaches in Asia by many, this beach is a jewel in Andaman and Nicobar. Tranquility will have a new address for you once you visit this place. The white sand and the clear water will stay with you even long after you leave. 


3. Malvan Beach, Maharashtra

A very exotic and clean beach, this one is a must-have on your list if you visit Maharashtra. There are also water-sports to be indulged in if that’s your kinda thing.


4. Gokarna Beach, Gokarna

We have all heard that Gokarna is the less crowded version of Goa and with that, we have now made sure that it becomes crowded. Either way, the beach has a lot of pull for people who don’t want to go as far as Goa and want some cut-away-from-people-time. 


5. Kaala Pathar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar

You will make your Instagram feed go nuts with pictures from this place: it is calm, quiet, and absolutely gorgeous. Prepare to be dazzled. 


6. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kerala beaches have long been known for being very beautiful. This clean and not-so-deep beach has been one of the top choices for people to visit when they are in Kerala. 


7. Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

Away from the hustle bustle of Kolkata lies this beach just 180 kms away. The best part is that many people do not know about it as yet (oops!) and therefore it is clean and calm. 


8. Mobor Beach, Goa

Situated in South Goa, Mobor is a tiny hidden beach that will not only offer some solace away from people but is also a great place to bird-watch.


9. Ganpatipule Beach, Maharashtra

White sand, blue water, immense beauty. This one is one of the best beaches along the Konkan coastline. Only eight hours away from Mumbai, this beach will be great for those who want a little more than Marine Drive. 


10. Palolem Beach, Goa

Another one of the renowned and loved beaches of South Goa, Palolem has also been internationally acclaimed for its cleanliness, beauty, and the peace it offers to all who visit. 


So the next time you put the #BeachModeOn, you know where to head.