What does an ideal holiday destination mean to you? Pristine beaches, museums, lush green mountains, temples, or delicious food? Vietnam has all of these and much more. So much so that each and every destination will surprise you.

Have a look at the 15 most unique things you can do in Vietnam and decide for yourself.

1. Walk in the ‘Hands of God’ on the Golden Bridge.

The Golden Bridge is more than 1,400 m above sea level and looks like a strip of road hanging in the sky and supported by just two hands. The marvellous and unique architecture was recently opened to tourists and went viral instantly.


2. Enjoy water puppetry that is miles away from the modern forms of entertainment.


Water puppetry is a centuries-old Vietnamese tradition. The stage is a large pool of water in which the puppets act out tales from Vietnamese folklore with a traditional Vietnamese orchestra playing throughout. This is something you can experience only in Vietnam.

3. Go for a ride along the Hon Gom sandbar.


This sandbar is situated on the Dai Lanh beach where the lush Annamite mountains meet the ocean. You can ride your way past the sand dunes on the 30km stretch of the sandbar.


4. Take a walk through a devilish underworld at the Am Phu Cave.


There is a huge cave in the Marble Mountains of Vietnam, and deep inside is a re-creation of a Buddhist hell where sinners confess crimes, suffer punishments, and hope to reach heaven’s light.


5. Watch the steel dragon releasing fire from its mouth.


This is the world’s largest dragon bridge. This 1,864-foot-long bridge features more than 2,500 LED lights, and has a steel dragon that breathes fire. The dragon is capable of releasing bursts of fire from its mouth and can also playfully spray water from its mouth.


6. Explore the world’s largest cave in Vietnam.


Hang Son Doong, is the world’s largest cave, and is located near the Vietnam-Laos border. This cave has its own small jungle, river, and climate.


7.  Take a glimpse of the startling sight of the Hanoi’s Train Street.


This is a narrow street within the centre of Hanoi. Rather than being a normal road with car or motorbike traffic, it has actual railway lines running through it. Homes and businesses literally open out onto the railway lines.

8. Experience the worst nightmare of your life in the Cu Chi Tunnels.


The suburban Cu Chi district sits atop an elaborate network of underground tunnels. Though the tunnels became famous in the Vietnam War they have now become a tourist attraction, where visitors can attempt to crawl through a short passage.


9. Witness the magic of nature in the white sand dunes.


Southeast Asia is usually associated with a wet, tropical environment, but, in the area of Mui Ne, Vietnam, you’ll find a beautiful white desert. The most unique part of this area is a small lagoon covered in lotus flowers and a small pine forest that makes the wind cool, even in the hot Asian desert.


10. Take off your shoes and walk in the Fairy Stream.


This soft red creek is coloured by the clay and limestone particles that mix into it from the rocks on the shores. It resembles a miniature version of the Grand Canyon in some places. Visitors  take off their shoes in its almost opaque waters.


11. Visit the unusual whale temple.


The Lang Tan Temple on the island of Ly Son claims to house the largest whale skeleton in Southeast Asia. The skeleton is 130 feet long and it is worshipped every year.

12. Revisit the torture of the Vietnam War in the Côn Dảo Prison.


The Vietnam War is known in history for its atrocities. This prison museum on the Con Son island gives you a terrifying sight of the prisoners of war and the torture and abuse that they went through in the form of life-size sculptures.


13. Admire the geological wonder – Dong Van Karst Plateau.


This plateau lies at a height of 1000 metres above sea level and 80 percent of its surface is covered with limestone. UNESCO has also recognized this place as one of the 77 geological anomalies in the world.


14. Hang Sung Sot, or the Cave of Surprises.


As you travel inside the cave you’ll find unusual rock formations highlighted by coloured lights. The cave is popularly known for a large penis-shaped rock that is also considered to be a symbol of fertility by the locals.


15. Lose yourself in the colourful flea markets of Vietnam.


Your trip to Vietnam is incomplete without visiting the local flea markets that are popular all over the world. There are many such markets and each one of them offers a unique experience.


Isn’t this the right place for your explorer soul?