Tired of the noise, traffic, and mess? Well, traveling is the best therapy! 

How about you turn your phones off and cut yourself from the negative people in the world by witnessing calm, exquisite places in India where no one will disturb your bubble?

From hidden waterfalls to wide mountainous landscapes, India is packed with lush beauty all over. After all, it is a land of many adventures, treasures, and surprises which will not only keep you away from the toxic but also make you as happy as a clam. 

So go and breathe in all the fresh air you can. Don’t just sit at home and sulk because your lover left you or your boss is being an ass. Life’s too short for that.

Far, far away from people, here are 15 places that you can visit:

1. Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya

This little paradise of waterfalls is located in the garden of caves where you can rope down into hidden mini waterfall holes. Just look at that beauty! Make sure to dip in and cool yourself down.

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2. Haflong, Assam

What more do you need than mountains, forests, and lakes? The answer is nothing. The breathtaking views never stop taking your breath away in the whole of Assam, especially in Haflong.

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3. Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

You’re probably thinking that Goa is not a quiet place at all, but this bird sanctuary is a 1-hour drive from the main city. The wildlife will leave you in awe, and maybe even make you wish you were a bird.

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4. Badami Caves, Karnataka

This abstract rock formation contains 4 Hindu temples where you can pray all the bad and ugly away for sure. On top of that, the caves are surrounded by a picturesque lake, where you can paddle off into the distance with no care in the world.

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5. Chatpal, Jammu & Kashmir

This is the most unexplored area in Kashmir and I really wonder why. But that also provides a good reason for those looking for a quiet place to explore Chaptal. The area has scattered fast moving white water rivers where you can do a little adventure trip.

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6. Athirapally, Kerala

This place looks breathtaking. The rugged rocks and rushing steep waterfalls look irresistible to visit. Lie down on the rocks and enjoy some fresh mist spraying on your face from the waterfall, while admiring your surroundings.


7. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

So many colors! Almost looks like the rainbow mountains in China, only much more peaceful and human free. If it were for me, I’d probably roll down those hills like some lunatic. 

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8. Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir

This river flows in between the deep valleys and provides a gorgeous overview from the top of the mountains. A drive along the valleys will be absolutely beautiful, especially with the windows rolled down, some chill music playing and little snacks to munch on.


9. Nako, Himachal Pradesh

Nothing can get better than this small lake accompanied with the mesmerizing landscape behind it. I suggest a cute little picnic up there for sure. Maybe even walk around the nearby village to experience something new. 


10. Idukki, Kerala

This place has won the 3rd spot on Lonely Planet’s list of must visit places in Asia and with good reason. The wild greenery will leave you in a forever zen mode for sure. If you want to experience any wildlife, you can head down to the nearby Periyar National Park.

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11. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

India really does have a lot to offer. Imagine chilling in a hotel on that mountain and staring out of your window to this stunning view? Views here will knock your socks off!

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12. Little Andaman, Andaman Islands

This is the perfect getaway from city life. Due to the offshore location, hardly anyone can be seen here for miles and miles. Oh, what I would give to chill on this beach right now!


13. Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu 

A little history can benefit all of us from time to time, so head to this intricately built palace that will take you back in time.


14. Edakkal Caves, Kerala

These unique caves are located in a remote location away from all civilization. You can trek here while looking at fascinating art engraved into the cave walls. 

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15. West Ladakh Camp, Jammu and Kashmir

Honestly, if you really want to clear your mind, there will not be a better place than this camp. Just lying down under the stars doing absolutely nothing is as therapeutic as it gets. 

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It’s time to pack your bags!