Though bridges are meant to ferry us across safely from one destination to the other, some at best, should just be avoided for your own safety. 

We bring to you a complete list of ‘ouch that’s scary’ bridges in the world, where crossing isn’t just a ‘walk in the park’ but an adrenaline-charged adventure, bringing out your worst fears. 

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

At 955 ft, this is the highest suspension bridge in the United States which was built in 1929. Weirdly though, it remained a scary stroll for the next 50 years and became safe only after the stabilising wires were installed. 

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2. Sidu River Bridge, China 

This steel construction has earned the title of the highest bridge in the world and connects Shanghai with Chongqing. It was built under a budget of $100 million and is the sturdiest of all bridges across the globe.

3. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan 

The deteriorated condition makes this one the most dangerous bridges in the world. This swinging structure is not for the faint hearted because of the Hunza river, which flows in its full might below this gap-filled structure. 

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4. Seven Mile Bridge, USA

After the first one was decommissioned for sitting too low in water, disallowing any boats to pass, the new one was built to be technologically superior. Though not that scary, driving through this bridge during a Hurricane can be an extremely daunting task.

5. Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

Not just one but many of these monkey bridges are built across the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Even though it seems easier for monkeys to cross this bridge, the natives too make use of the same, to go from one corner to the other. 

The problem – you need to be as skilled as the monkey and ledge on to every inch of wood standing above the swamp. 

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6. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

Probably a suspended bridge situated in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, this one is also the scariest, considering people who usually cross it to see the gorgeous island on the other side, refuse to use the same while coming back. 

There’s also a crossing fee for this bridge.

7. Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

The breathtaking Norwegian scenery and the sublime bridge together give you a ‘vacay’ feeling. Walking on the Storseisundet bridge will give you a sinking feeling, similar to going down a steep roller coaster ledge. 

At one point it seems the bridge really drops off though that isn’t the case. 


8. U Bein Bridge, Myanmar 

Though it looks like the bridge is still under construction, that’s how it has been & that’s just how it stays. The bridge is a tourist attraction and people regularly visit it to see an amazing view of the sunset, away from the city’s monotony.

9. Montenegro Rainforest Bridge, Costa Rica 

In the middle of the rainforest canopy, this bridge in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to experience the dense & diverse forest. But be careful, the bridge might just be missing a plank or two and might be enough to give you plenty of problems. 


10. The Bridge of Immortals, Huang Shang China 

A bridge between two mountain passes where you can stand and watch from an unprecedented view above the clouds, the name is quite justified as you feel immortal while standing or walking on the structure. 

The view can be amazing but the trail that follows is extremely scary yet mesmerizing, thus earning the nickname “fairy walking bridge.” 


11. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan 

This will feel nothing like a car journey because the Eshima Ohashi bridge is like a giant roller coaster waiting for you to cruise over it, in order to cross over to the other side of the Japanese coast. 

What more – a terrifying steep with a gradient of 6.1% and a bridge standing over 144 feet tall, if that’s not scary then what is? 


12. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, USA 

Constructed in 1987, the previous structure was destroyed when a big tanker collided with a pier, killing 35 people in the process. 

However, the bridge has been a bringer of bad omens. Since it was re-built, 200 people have committed suicide by jumping off it.

13. Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica 

With massive gaps and broken planks on either sides, this bridge, if locals had it their way, would have been called “Bridge of Death.” 

This is a structure, which might actually be fatal for anyone, anytime.

14. Puente de Oujela, Mexico 

Used specifically for mining, this bridge has now been left in ruins and can only be used by pedestrians. This is because if cars or trucks pass through the bridge, they might not make it to the other side.

15. Vitim River Bridge, Russia 

Fully frozen for most of the year and without any side-rails, this bridge has only been crossed successfully by a handful of people in Russia’s history. 

Though scary, a lot of adrenaline junkies come from across the globe to challenge themselves by trying to cross the bridge.

16. Mount Titlis Bridge, Switzerland 

Built at a staggering 3,000 metres above sea level, you can actually see the Swiss Alps while setting your foot on this bridge in Switzerland. 

Many avid skiers visit this mountain pass to cross the bridge every year and indulge in adventure sports.

17. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia 

Though this bridge was closed a couple of times in the past due to maintenance, now it is fully functional and open to the local public. 

Hovering 400 feet above the ground, this bridge stands tall above a tiny vacation spot in Langkawi.

18. Canopy Walk, Ghana 

Not just a bridge for human beings, this Canopy Walk in Ghana is used by monkeys, birds and even reptiles like snakes. 

Suspended 40 feet above the year, this is not your average walk in the park. 


19. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, USA

Named the longest bridge in the world, venturing out on this one means saying goodbye to the land behind you. 

Built way back in the 1950s, the bridge connects Mandeville with Metairie.

20. Deception Pass Bridge, USA

The foggy bridge may not be the scariest when travelling in a car but crossing the same as a pedestrian will leave you terrified because you may have to look down nearly 180 feet, with nothing but fog to assist you in your nervy situation. 

The bridge connects the Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island but prior to its construction the islands were only accessible by ferry.

If you happen to be someone who’s literally scared of heights, we suggest, not to hang around on one of these bridges.