Each one of us who has ever stepped on a railway platform has heard a woman’s voice, appearing at intervals, say Yatrigan Kripya Dhyaan Dein. And we obviously presume that it’s a pre-recorded sound that we hear in the announcements, right? 

DNA India

Wrong! it’s a man (at least sometimes) behind these radio announcements at the Parli Vijaynath Railway Station in Maharashtra. 

Most of the times the announcements played here are pre-recorded as well. But Shravan Adode, who works in the crew management system of the Indian Railways, takes on the job during power cuts and technical difficulties. 


In case of certain failures, Adode impersonates the taped voice of a female announcer. And hardly can someone differentiate the two. He has also shared a few clips of him doing the same on his official Facebook page. 


Shravan has always been fascinated by the railway announcements and would try to practice them. Due to a load shedding, which hindered the automated announcement at the station, he got an opportunity to try his hands at making the announcements. And to everyone’s surprise, it was on point.  


Once humiliated and insulted for his unique voice, Shravan Adode embraced the same as his voice and continued to step in as the substitute of the automated voice. 

Not only that, he can now make the announcements in 14 different languages.