The word wanderlust defines you, and you’re all ready, get, set, go for a travel plan in a jiffy. You’re a nomad at heart, but since work gives you the bank balance to travel, you have to wiggle in some slogging at the laptop from time to time. But what if we told you that now you can do both the things? You can travel like a nomad, and live your life wherever you want, all just by signing a lease.

Roam, a network of communal living spaces, spread across the world in different countries. It will provide everything you need to feel at home and be productive the moment you arrive.

The idea is of such a nomadic setup sprung in Bruno Haid’s brain as he used to live and work quite like a nomadic person in his twenties. He told Co.Exist, “These aren’t designed as places for vacations. Instead, it’s an alternative way to think about home for location-independent people who can work remotely.”

Roam promises larger, more comfortable, and well-designed spaces that can house at least a dozen people for a wider community sharing.

All you got to do is sign up a lease for $500 per week per room gives you access to incredible co-living spaces and local communities around the world, where you can come and go as you please. Isn’t that fantastic?

It’s not couch surfing, and it’s not Airbnb either. It’s partnered co-living. Roam is more about making you feel at home with all the facilities you might require to have an easy, fun day. They also organize activities and events at their partnered locations, so that you are able to build strong ties with the community, and not just exist as another customer. 

So, who’s ready to roam?

H/T: Fast Co Exist