Sweden just proved to the world that it’s the coolest lot of people ever by opening up its phone lines to people all across the world. It just became the first country to get itself a phone number, which you can hit up any time and get connected to any random Swede. Yes, that’s right. 

An effort by the Swedish Tourist Association has officially gotten the country its own personal line, where an automated voice pops in to connect you with the good folk of Sweden, in a bid to promote Sweden and its people. When I called the number, I spoke to this super cool dude called Ján (dude loves laughing a lot). How many friends are you going to make?

Here’s the number you call to speak to a Swede.


Check out this video by the Swedish Tourist Association and give them a call:

Be cool about it and make some friends.

Masthead Source: washingtonpost.com, Feature Image Source: pexels.com