The innate beauty of the Swiss Alps is very well known to the world. But we Indians mostly have Yash Chopra to thank for that. When Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge released, we all fell in love with Switzerland, especially when Kajol wore that red mini dress and danced in the snow. Ever since, we’ve secretly hoped to visit the country and relive many of the film’s iconic moments.

Well, if you needed another reason to visit, we are giving you just that. 

Situated in the majestic Swiss Alps is a unique hotel named Null Stern. What’s so unique about it, you ask? Well, the hotel has no ceiling, no doors and walls. Yes, it’s an ‘open’ hotel. There’s a floor, a bed, couple of bedside tables and bed lamps. That’s it! 

Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Located at the heart of the Alps at 6,463 feet above sea level, the room costs about $210 per night, that’s approximately ₹15,000.

The hotel does not have a bathroom. But don’t you worry, there’s a public bathroom, just five minutes away. You can walk down to it and literally enjoy the beauty of nature while attending to nature’s call! 

They do provide room service, by which we mean a personal butler who lives in a cabin nearby. He’ll cook your meals and serve them to you in bed itself. Fancy, ain’t it? And you can enjoy the delicious food while looking at the beautiful galaxy of stars right above your head and the verdant mountains around you. 

Blown away? So are we!