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Picture this. If India were to be a person, then the states would be its organs. And the cities would represent its emotions. Isn’t it true? There’s something pretty darn swell about each and every city. With each one's heart beating to a unique set of customs, traits, and vibes.

If you love exploring new cities and their food as much as we do, you need to check out Zomato Originals' new food adventure show, Eat Like A Girl. Check out the trailer here. 

If all of this is getting your exploring muscles itching, you need to take this quiz to find out which city your heart actually lies in so that you can head over there and maybe live there forever. 

What do you look for most when you are visiting a city?

Your favourite season of the year?

What does your perfect day-off look like?

What kind of food is your bae?

Which concert are you more likely to attend?

What word best describes you?